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Man Ray, Untitled, 1936
A March to the Scaffold - Peter Tennant
November Hope - Matt Moody

Gum - Peter Wild
Reviews - Rachel Kendall
Cicatrix - Daniel Y Harris
Lilith's Wing - Daniel Y Harris
Dark in the Shot - Mark Howard Jones
The Black and Red Series - Peter Schwartz
Paragraph - D Harlan Wilson
Interview with Charles Nevismal - Charles P Ries
Twin - Corey Mesler
Conversation - G Stegelmann
In That White Rush - Pamela Dane Hayes
Poem Ending with my Favorite Frost Line - Larry Rapart
Gate - gum bichromate print - John Brewer
Eternal Recurrence - Nanette Rayman Rivera
Crime - Bendi Barrett
Fifteen Minutes - the name is dalton
M. meets M. - Marc Lowe
Untitled - John Brewer
Aha no.4: the end - Guido Monte
goodbye valentine - Peter Schwartz
Jim & I - Brian Collier
Aftermath of the missed period - Bendi Barrett
You're Welcome - J D Nelson
The Voice of the Snow - Juliet Cook
Manager to Checkout 4! - Larry Rapant
Cato Marat 4 - Jeff Crouch
Symbiosis? - Dan Smith
Paolo's Politics - Caleb Puckett
Dispute - Romy Sai Zunde

Born Identity - Nanette Rayman Rivera