Guido Monte
Aha n.4:  the end
(Eugenio Montale, Heraclitus, Guido Cavalcanti)

So che si può esistere
non vivendo,

tu epilanthanoménoy ei e odòs ághei

tanto è distrutta già la mia persona,
ch'i' non posso soffrire

(anápaula en tei phyghei) -

                                       la morte
mi stringe sì, che vita m'abbandona

ai psykaì osmontai cath' Aiden

[I know everyone can exist
without living
forgetting where the road leads

so much I'm destroyed inside me
that I can no longer suffer
(that's the solace in exile) -

death is so running short
                   that life deserts me,
while souls get a whiff of Hades below]

The author thanks Giusy Chirco,Tom Di Liberto and Viviana Fiorentino.
The Sanskrit term "aha" embraces all the letters of the alphabet  in her depth, symbolically embracing  the whole universe.  
goodbye valentine

Ours is a serial love a breath away from fiction
the very last excuse
crucified beyond valleys
the daily ups and daisies
up, again

for height is owned at the expense of width
maybe more so in the mirror, thus
quicksand shatters the hourglass
of neanderthal nerves still fretting over
pretty things, pretty things...

for every effort has closets; its ringworms
its dead, its delilah
and all these radiant apologies that go bump in the night
they only freckle the darkness
blinking too fast to ever certify as stars

slammed instruments that rattle,
temporary instruments.

effect has little doctors that try in vain to sew the ice
to forget that details
smell like mothballs even as they're happening
as the incense of finality peters

results milk their rewards.

and cry beneath false carpets
petting their oblivions down;
my pretties, my pretties, my pretties

are ugly, but true.
Peter Schwartz