Autopsy of Scalia's Hat by AE Reiff continued...

"Just prior to these two US Air Force aircraft departing from Andrews Field, this report notes, SVR "assets" assigned to monitoring top American political and military figures noted a "discrepancy from normal protocol" when Justice Scalia's three US Marshal Services Judicial Security Division (JSD) "protectors/defenders" left the airbase with the "personal protection" of this noted jurist being transferred to the US Secret Service (SS)."

"Upon both President Obama and Justice Scalia's different flights departing from Andrews Field, this report continues detailing; an even greater "discrepancy from normal protocol" was noted by the SVR when they were informed by Aerospace Forces (AF) satellite monitoring personal that US Air Force F-16 fighter aircraft from three different bases (Shaw Air Force Base, Montgomery Field, and Luke Air Force Base) accompanied the entire flights of both the Boeing VC-25 and the Gulfstream C-37A-a level of protection normally only afforded to the US President exclusively."

"As to why the US Air Force provided F-16 fighter aircraft protection to Justice Scalia's flight, this report continues, became even more concerning to the SVR when after the flight landed in Marfa, Texas, this "extreme protective air cover" was maintained until the Gulfstream C-37A departed three hours later and flew to Los Angeles Air Force Base LAAFB) accompanied by its fighter plane escort-and where at the exact same time the American press covering President Obama began questioning where he was, only to be told that President Obama had been missing due to a late-night, off-the-books dinner with three of Hollywood's elite the White House wouldn't further comment on."

"This SVR report, though, "strongly suggests" that President Obama had, in fact, been aboard the Gulfstream C-37A with Justice Scalia from Andrews Field to Marfa and then further traveled from Texas to Los Angeles on it-which they say is the only conclusion to be reached due to the US Air Force's continuous protection of it."

"In support of this conclusion, this report continues, AF radar and electronic spectrum satellite analysis of Marfa, where the Gulfstream C-37A landed with Justice Scalia and (maybe) President Obama, shows a four vehicle convoy leaving the KMRF airport and traveling to a 12,140 hectare (30,000 acre) estate called the Cibolo Creek Ranch."

The part all these together play in the movement of populations like cattle amid mutual announcements of WWIII regarding Syria, Iran, oil, currency, messiah ben David and the Sabbateans is a public distory.


An evaluation of any present disease or injury may include  three worlds, and our story can be told in them all. In the first world it is  nonreported and denied. Nothing happened, go to lunch.
In the second world Scalia, Obama, the Pope, Donald Trump, and Putin weave as unbelievable a fabric as any of the conspiracies Hillary Clinton is fond of naming in her body count, some of  identified below. That she has been left out of the latest accounts  only shows...well we must wait and see.

The First World patina of art, literature, poetry, work life and culture that we think is valuable is a facade. It is all agency and no principal. The First World of Netflix, HBO  and selfies deep in the anesthetized state absolutely assures itself it is the only reality. First worlders believe the news is accurate even as they say they don't believe it. Told otherwise they say they already knew that the JFK lone gunman was not a bullet behind, but Twin Towers terrorism, Sandy Hook Elementary, 7/7 London Bombings, Charlie Hebbdo/San Bernardino with the imminence of private contracted militarized police so utterly stultifies that there is no anger at all in the general population, even if informed about the overwhelming evidence of these hoaxes. This is called the *Defamiliarization of Reality comprised of blended undistinguishable narrative voices, structural disorder, abstraction of memory and disconcerting repetition. The audacity of events detaches the citizen from himself, but one instance justifies the others. If Sandy Hook is a well documented government effort to register and confiscate guns, why anyway do they want to disarm the population? An unbelievable scheme these preliminary events serve? This example, most egregious, involves children, but the good news is that nobody actually died. Try saying "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook" as that website says, that it was a FEMA drill for gun control. Any doubts upon this to first worlders will produce paroxysms of hate as they try to choke the life out of you. The First World doesn't like to hear that its disease or injury is that its stars are devils.

A smaller group, not a competing hive, inhabit a  margin between the first and second worlds. They watch YouTube every night to build an algorithm revealing that The Charleston Church shooting and the Oregon Umpqua Community College shooting were symbolic acts with Sandy Hook, shooting first graders to traumatize parents, shooting by a white gunman to traumatize blacks, shooting Christian college students to traumatize Christians.

There is no discussion between the first and second worlds. In the Second World deep reality, manipulated by councils, decrees and wars ahead, Stalin is an English agent and the winner pays all the debts of the loser. Extravagance exceeds itself. The polio cancer vaccine, Antarctica/Atlantis fake moon landings, politicat assassinations, underground cities, submarine bases under Kansas, Blue Beam epigenetics, crisis actors, Bohemian groves, aluminum clouds: angelic princes that fell, metallic aerosolized fiberglass slices of microscopic cross section particles in clouds to fill lungs of nano tubules immersed in molten aluminum, all and more are sponsored by nephilim/human hybrids.

Generally the rule must be like Lowell discovering Pluto, what you saw you didn't see and what you didn't see you see. All this is seasoned with the scent of atrocious morality and unbelievability to provoke emotional response. What scenario of events includes the Pope, the President, Poindexter, Putin, Trump and Scalia in one story in the space of a week, just before a leap year about to occur? Raise your hand.

This only smacks of Hollywood and coordination at the highest levels for our deception in case we are ignorant of the cloning since 1938 which takes us to Michael Jackson, and the chirping (chipping) of MKultra stars who can be turned off and on like a button, not to speak of the unspeakable practices of unnamed ruling classes. It goes into levels always with another twist, for the active ingredients are after fallen angels--oops we weren't supposed to say that till later this year or next's Second World drama. Smoke and mirrors, bait the bear, ruffians in the pit enjoy.

The Third World exposes the false morality imposed by these two and holds to none of the facts.  All of our lives are organized around a hidden referent, a Shoah to come, a war now breaking our ribs for which we have no word. Difficult Freedom, Totality and Infinity, Otherwise Than Being are all reflections of the presentiment of holocaust as a limited edition of the future. Nazi charges of subhuman ape and carrier of germs are amplified to the useless eaters that British royalty thinks the commoners are.

There is no time in this present which does not live the rest of its life in vigil, endures its life until death cancels the unjustified privilege of having so far survived. The present of this past pays with a tumor of the future that nothing can cover except the return of Messiah. Even if we stand away in the present, neither the past and its vertigo or the future that grips at our ribs is different, both are the same.

Past and future inhabit nontime which has no memory and no prediction except searches for a language dedicated to the memory of those who died, or will, without naming. Leave the present nameless, for if it fails to name itself, why should we help it? It is too eager. We deny it space and we deny it time. This Destruktion of every mountain and hill of morals makes low. Morality without empathy places flags, magistrates, palaces and tempests raging in shipwrecks so the murderer can sanction the world with a clear conscience.

It's a good thing this is invisible. The most important part of these matters is what we will do when faced with the impossible.



* Destruktion: to be precise, the deconstruction of every European metaphysic of morality accomplished in Auschwitz became a way for the murderer to see in his victim an optics to sanction murder with a clear conscience. Paraphrase of Emmanuel Levinas, Otherwise Than Being.

*Defamiliartization of reality. In this case study of the defamiliar, images of order (meaning chaos) are techniques of the Second World. The primary notion comes from a dissolution of language and syntax (public order and myth) that derive from holocaust. Structural disorder, skewed and deflected perspective, obvious paradox, absurdity, repetition and symbolism defamiliarize and re-order events. An abstraction and rewriting of  the memory of ego and alter-ego contest public trauma in an avalanche of sources, referents, relations. This means a deliberate avoidance of the facts to defamiliarize. A painting must undergo a process of estrangement from the viewer to acquire meaning. In the written text intentional confusion, incoherence, chaos, invest an unbounded freedom of interpretation, confusing fiction and reality, imposing an illogic upon history and constant escapism. As Raymond Federman observes, "Unless we constantly question what passes for reality, challenge it, defy it, we will always exist in falseness, in a system of twisted facts and glorified illusions, and we quickly become lobotomized by it" (Catalina Botez, Post-Holocaust Interactions).

*Superposition: In the quantum entanglement of Schrödinger's Scalia the man is simultaneously alive and dead. Yet, when one looks in the box, one sees the man either alive or dead, not both alive and dead. This poses the question of when exactly quantum superposition ends and reality collapses into one possibility or the other.