Autopsy of Scalia's Hat

Marfa Courthouse

Citizens of Marfa feel called upon to give account in the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. The autopsy consists of a thorough examination to determine the 1) cause  2) manner of death and 3) evaluate any disease or injury that may be present.  But in the absence of that cadaverum, since we don't have the body, we must use the hat. The body itself  has been predisposed in a secret will to cremation, so we're never going to see it, an act frowned upon by the traditional Catholic. It does however remove the problem at a later date. This fiat accompli involves not just the hat, but the pillow and the judge's name under Cause. The facts issued in the Case are these. Scalia had been "quail hunting," whatever quail that may be, on a ranch in Big Bend country near Marfa owned by the war hero decorated by Obama, John Poindexter, but without his federal marshal guard. Scalia was declared dead, with a pillow on his head, over the phone by Presidio County's most infamous female judge, named Cinderela,  who had already ruled an arbitrary suicide in her short term. There was just no one else available, although two others had been tried before Cinderela. Not that they had been warned off, but these judges said they just couldn't come to the Cibolo Ranch, and deferred. Cinderela couldn't come either, however pronounced the Justice dead without seeing the body, which was anyway embalmed the same day. These Causes, ruled death by natural cause, occurred within the day, without autopsy.


In the studied non reporting of the event and its non investigation with the assumption that all is as it appears in this best of all possible worlds, to autopsy Scalia's hat means to look in and beneath the context and take part in what the citizens of Marfa call his martyrdom to the state. To examine cause, such executions derive also from the foolishness of the victim, which, as a preface to Justice Scalia's taking off, occurred in his aping of the martyr Sir Thomas More in wearing a replica of More's hat at the Obama inaugural in 2013. As cause goes, this showboating and bluster made him vulnerable to become a martyr to the state like Sir Thomas More, who Scalia often spoke of, a man who died to defend a corrupt Church and papacy, and considered by many, including his wife, to be a fool for accepting martyrdom. Saint Thomas gave his life because he refused to sign an oath that disparaged the pope and Henry VIII's marriage to Catherine of Aragon. That is, Scalia, with this bluster, invited martyrdom upon himself. Only in Texas could Justice Scalia become a Thomas More martyr for Obama and be executed (covert) by the state for  interference with his beliefs.

We should be glad the body was even found considering the cluster of unexplained disappearances in national parks and cities. The absence of investigative reporting in the quick death and disposal is a symbolic disappearance, of which citizens believe more are coming at a future time. They also believe there is a natural/supernatural covering that protects lives which however can be negated by thoughtless speech and acts. This is obvious and more dire the higher one gets. Such thinking preoccupies the cause of King Arthur's death, not his hat or his table, but his sex life made him vulnerable, obviously so if his illicit Mordred killed him. This causality contrasts with Sir Gawain who receives only a  scratch on the neck for one stray veniality. According to cause our past president JFK's amazing and complicit affairs made him vulnerable in ways that allowed his taking,  to which our citizens complain that who then wants to be famous if so little an error can get you killed? Everything is magnified in the dry air of the Marfa flats. Look at David's loss of his sons over his lusts and consider Dr. King.  Made moralists agonize over such assignations, proved and unproved. Scalia is called Scalia Santo Subito for the bombast of his headware. Consider the moral agony of Elizabeth Scalia, no relation, over the murder of last day abortionist George Tiller, worse than Mengele. Levinas gives it best: "Everyone will readily agree that it is of the highest importance to know whether we are not duped by morality." Whether Scalia died to defend a corrupt state and its morality or for blocking crucial corporate and international agendas is wonderfully ambivalent.


As to manner of death
, when you don't believe the news accounts and take them automatically as a twist of some species of deception, that America really founded ISIS,  then your first thought of any traumatic social event is misdirection, as if Scalia were murdered in his sleep, poisoned with one of those CIA ice darts to the chest, which would anyway put him in the running among the most important assassinations of American history with Lincoln and JFK. But as to manner, one of the great symbolic props of all time was his body found with a pillow over its face.  Like the great  "just add one egg" on the Betty Crocker box that activates the housewife to participate in the baking, the pillow over the face is a symbol to smother the world, that the constitution not be taken literally and read as purposed, but as a series of reinterpretations, hence muffled along with all text, authorship and even readers in the Destruktion of meaning in the controls of the mind forged manacles. The hermenutics of biblical and constitutional issues combine in his assassination by hive, which means only the one stated point of view. The pillow found over Scalia's face in the manner of his death is meant to symbolize this, but even more so its report by Poindexter. If it strikes you that the hat sits on the head and the pillow was found on the face and that these together are telling yet another story, then this we must refer to the true narrator of these events, that being Cinderella.


Cinderela pronounced Judge Scalia dead by phone. To the people of Marfa, who live in the middle of an area of FEMA camps, railroad tracks and mystery apparitions of light on the Marfa Flats, the name of the judge is telling, as if Little Red Riding Hood were to pronounce the wolf or that Goldilocks himself was calling Poindexter.  All kinds of symbol are activated by this. Disappearances on the Flats thrill the lower worlds, as if stone cats envisaged faery heads changing, remolting, remolding images, words themselves. As if whole worlds made solid or infirm to be excavated later in quarries, water at the bottom, strata showing marble, dirt, stones, and underneath caves echo networks of a hundred places, voices. So in that environment what was solid became hollow, empty, vacuous and what not at the finish. Then we begin. Aftermath all. Do not answer. Let them cover your ears, put a pillow on your head, because these are just accounts of the events, none of which are actually true even if they are sworn by all the parties in the non news. Whether indeed Scalia even died is not just uncertain, but a fictional version of the superposition to come.

The Marfa utterance of language, roots and alphabet, is the least spiritual power of the Sons against these fgov pronouncements. (The complete spelling of fgov is goferment.) All are meant to function as contradicting puzzles to provoke one end. That said, do not ask what it is, for both things in predictive programming are true. Scalia was both. Symbol is all. He was declared dead by phone by a woman named Cinderela and embalmed immediately without autopsy and we are supposed to believe him murdered. At the same time it is intended that we have no proof to debate these manners rationally. This allows the next ruse soon. Have the cake and eat it quick. Viva le constitution. Every important news event is staged like the Marfa lights and if one knew, predicted. Both sides of programming are true and false, two sides to the natural cause, a third urged by the only journalist to attend the event, who called for revolution, perhaps peaceful. That would be among the forced middles the Hegelian synthesis provokes with the shouting.

Quantum Superposition Sightings

To grasp the *superimposition of world news upon the facts: if only in Texas can Justice Scalia be a Thomas More martyr for Obama, get executed (covert) by the state for the  interference of his beliefs in their plans, then this martyr is both the superpositional target and its opposite. We hardly know what to believe of our linearity.

Predictive programming and coordination of Scalia's death (nondeath), occurs at high levels. The Cibolo Ranch where Scalia died has a modern runway where three or four jets were parked that weekend. Take it metaphorically: Ground control to Major Tom. These planes were stacked above the runway waiting for Scalia to land. The Pope arrived in Mexico 12 Feb. On the 18th he was in Juarez, right over the border from El Paso where Scalia's body was taken on 2/13. Just leaving, he would say in midair that Donald Trump was not a Christian, but on 2/11 Trump was telling President Vladimir Putin in a hand delivered note that they better never meet in Texas if they expected to live. On 2/11 Obama took a secret meeting with Scalia at the Cibolo Ranch, where Scalia had been lured by the promise of a free vacation gratis by Poindexter. All this occurs in a leap-year too, beginning the calendrical  American election cycle always occurring in a leap year,  celebrated after the next week, 29 Feb. Toto symbolico.

Spell it out. The Pope mentioned Trump and his Christianity in answer to a question from a reporter in midair, as he returned to the Seven Hills. His five-day trip to Mexico, 12 to 18 February 2016, ended after celebrating Mass at the U.S. border, at Juarez on Thursday  2/18, just across from where Scalia's body was flown from El Paso 2/13 and  just within the week when that same Donald Trump on Friday 2/11) had a note hand delivered to Putin. Trump to Putin: "I can promise you this, I will NEVER hold a meeting with you in Texas, neither one of us might come back. He is referencing JFK killed in Dallas, but not yet Scalia in Cibolo.

If Donald Trump in making this statement to Putin intending to be "darkly humorous," less than 24 hours after Putin's receipt of Trump's letter comes the sudden and unexpected predictive programming  death of Scalia.

But the American blackout on the news was overruled by the European Union Times that reported 2/16 that Scalia had a "Secret Texas Meeting With Obama Just Hours Before His Death."

To quote the story: "A  report prepared for the Office of the President (OP) by the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) examining the letter sent to President Putin by American billionaire Donald Trump appeared to predict the murder of US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and suggests that just hours before his death had held a secret meeting with Obama aboard a US Air Force plane heading to a secluded Texas ranch owned by a close personal friend and top campaign donor of America's leader."

"According to this report, SVR "assets" reported that on 11 February both President Obama and Justice Scalia were at Joint Base Andrews (JBA) scheduled for two separate US Air Force flights from Andrews Field-the first taking President Obama to Los Angeles, and the second taking Justice Scalia to Marfa Municipal Airport (KMRF) located in the southwestern region of Texas near the Mexican border."

"While President Obama was scheduled to depart on one of the US Air Force's two Boeing VC-25 aircraft (commonly referred to as Air Force One), this report continues, Justice Scalia's flight was scheduled aboard a Gulfstream C-37A-which is the US Air Force's designation for their fleet of the popular Gulfstream V private jet aircraft."