Corpus: The body whole and the body
dismembered, idolised and idealised.
Replication... labour.
The flesh of the fruit; the fruit of adolescence. The body as prison, as a vault for secrets. The body reclaimed and the body disfigured. The carcass, the new-born... the meat factory.
* WARNING: go no further if you are of a squeamish nature.
This issue includes images of anatomical wax models which may cause fainting/hysteria/rage!
Muscular System (Anterior View)
Untitled ~ Carol Barbour
To a Writer ~ Paul Hostovsky
Corpus Sancti ~ Heikki Huotari
Carnival ~ Tammy Robacker
Fetus ~ Toti O'Brien
Sunset ~ Lucía Damacela
The Portuguese Maid ~ Nick Jackson
Anatomical wax model 2
Glanded Ouroboros is a Fibrillating Hophead ~ Parker Weston
I Sing the Body Acrostic ~ Clockhouse London Writers
And the Green Grass Grows All Around ~ B Drew Collier
Repetition Kills You ~ Tom Leins
Don't Forget Why Our Daddy Adopted the Killer ~ Jessie Janeshek
Anatomical wax model 3
thick. black. woman. ~ meryem nuh
Crucifixion ~ Ally Thompson
Viral John ~ Oliver Cato
Ammunition in the Museum ~ Ellaraine Lockie
The Fleck ~ David Turnbull
Rick Hutchinson interviews K Swift
K Swift interviews Rick Hutchinson
The Slow and Painful Death of Jeremy Hunt ~ Phil Doran
Anatomical wax model 4
The Bath ~ Ellaraine Lockie
Exile From Meager Mews ~ Falconhead
Continuity ~ Ken Poyner
You Got to Be Greedy ~ Jessie Janeshek
Tales From a Hypnotist ~ Phil Wood
Poem 1033 ~ P T Davidson
Poem 1034 ~ P T Davidson
Poem 1035 ~ P T Davidson
Anatomical wax model 5
The House in Lister Road ~ David Webb
Danger Signs ~ Cecelia Chapman
My Dolls Aren't for Hunting ~ Juliet Cook
Forced Beauty ~ Carol Barbour
t. gondii ~ Kris Hall
Newly Grotesque ~ J J Steinfeld
The Nemesis ~ Mark Dixon
Cut ~ Toti O'Brien
Temporary ~ Amy Baskin
Ultrasound ~ Tammy Robacker
Anatomical wax model 6
Guns! ~ Joseph Pierson
Arrhythmia ~ Tammy Robacker
Red Scabbards ~ Lana Bella
No Body-Shaming Here ~ Allen Ashley
The Last Testament of a Pacifist in Tokyo, 2047 ~ Dean Anthony Brink
Four Colors: a body of work ~ Tara Roeder
Dead Bodies Make Good Jigsaw Puzzles ~ A J Huffman
Surreal Bodies ~ David Subacchi
Anatomical wax model 7
She Came Out From Under the Bed ~ Jennifer MacBain-Stephens
Mutiny in Montana ~ Ellaraine Lockie
Venom Forever ~ Jessie Janeshek
Head Stopper ~ Juliet Cook
Skeleton Poem ~ Alison Ross
Bitch ~ A J Huffman
Anatomical wax model 8
Autopsy of Scalia's Hat ~ A E Reiff
The Flesh ~ Lucia Damacela
Muscular System (Posterior View)

Corpus of names