Venom Forever

I mean if you wanted to
        you could come kill me
stick your copper finger        in my rotten femur.
Velvet ears                rabbit mouths
                the scene would be memorabilia
        knee socks and fold-over knockers.

Are you a narcissist or taxidermist?
You work in fakery        car crashes        gin
        you scar my massage and contemplate heroin
your blue blob is not a good sign.

All I do is sift logic
        our father's geography                splash parataxis
        our pupaphobia            preset to aqueduct
      over in over.

I loved you in plaid        nonetheless sniffing boat glue
        coveralls covered in cream.
It was Arizona in your indoor village
        you emblematic of all things saguaro
and you had the cash to be quirky.

        I mean if you wanted to you could have killed me.
I used to sit and knit in the dirt.
        I pantomimed lilt and a spine growing up.

Mutiny in Montana

The carcass tops the pile of town dumpster trash
Torso flesh shimmering in early morning sunshine
Identity clouded until a nearby fur leg
attached to a hoof defines the victim

As independent as people here
deer defy hunting season dates
By double-daring motorists at 70 mph intersections
with more at stake than crumpled metal

Drivers with guns under their seats
spawn from a long-lineage of mercy killers
pioneer independence
and waste not/want not mentalities

They look through the law that claims collision casualties
To see bodies hanging by hooves from beams
with buckets below to collect the blood
Before they're skinned and sectioned

into freezer-paper packets
Or simply stripped for pelt
and decapitated for taxidermic display
Before the tainted meat

is portioned to fit into temporary containers
Clandestined under the blanket of dark
to the dumpster where it's food for gossip in the morning
Mouths chewing on every bashed-in fender in town