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October 2005
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The word 'distortion' conjures up certain images and with the choosing of this theme I was expecting to receive many a tale of crippled limbs, contorted bodies and nicked flesh. What I actually received, the best of which you will see over the next few pages, is so much more than just aesthetic ideas. The word itself has become a wound to be mangled and stretched into a new groove - time, history, truth, reality, art, film, colour, technique, gender, mise en scene, reflections, mortality and corrosion have all been deliciously distorted into a fine selection of images and text.
hyperventilate - Peter Schwartz
Never Get Home - Kevin Doran
I don't know from A to B - Corey Mesler

City of Glass - Gary McMahon

Distortion Series 1 - John Brewer

Republic of Ego - Candice Rice

Morning - Maryann Aguiar

She stepped... - Brian Collier
IIIVWWVIIIW - Rachel Kendall

Epistemology Noir - Brent Powers

Red Fog - Neddal Ayad

oceans and landmass (andre's wrecks)
- Scott DeKatch

Detachment - Spyros Heniadis

Stone Soup - Dominy Clements

Untitled - Matt Williams

Untitled - Candice  Rice
The knife-thrower's lachrymose assistant
- Rachel Kendall

Evaporation - Rebecca Williams
Sliced - Kevin Doran
Josephina Campbell - Candice Rice

Fragment # 3 - Neddal Ayad

Witch Garden - Juliet Cook
What Remains - Brian Collier

Peter Ackroyd - Richard Strachan

On Aspects of Time - Spyros Heniadis

The Wrapture - Rachel Kendall

fire lotus - Peter Schwartz
clownnitemare - ameliapeel
Le Cercle Rouge - J. E. Stanley

Clouds - Tim Black
Wild and Alone, Part 2 - Corey Mesler

Corset - Juliet Cook
Frida Kahlo at the Tate Modern -
Rachel Kendall

The End - Kevin Doran
Relativity - Juliet Cook
Entia non sunt multiplicanda praeyer
necessitatem - Ryan Wright

Mirrorcle - Mark Howard Jones

Footage - Juliet Cook
stickintheeye - ameliapeel
Alvin - Brian Collier

Journey's End - Elias

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