Republic of Ego ( the bath and the body incident )

Call it whatever you want! Call it
coconut pies, cherry frosting, pumpkin orgasms,
little sinful tabs of candied lust
or gumdrop guts for caramelized hands.
I still call it one thing
and you still call it another.
I feel for your brood. I do. Although
I openly admitted the two of you
would not survive the next blue horse
and its promise of Greek infiltration.
I observed that neither Brutus
nor his persuasive descendants
would duplicate hyour delicate bone structures
or perfect such a complete manifestation of dumb.
I explained that no one
would burn holes in their wallets
Candice Rice
Hugh Ferriss, study for maximum mass permitted by the 1916 New York Zoning Law.
Black crayon, stumped, with brush and black ink over photocopy, varnish, on illustration board.
From: 'Art Deco 1910-1939', Benton, Benton and Wood 2003