Woe - Ron Koppelberger
The Vomit Within - Craig Podmore
It's a long queue of people.
A line longer than your average cocaine hit.

It looks like they have heartache.
Their clothes hidden by the torsos of flies.

Pallid, frail skin - tragically thin,
It's no queue for the supermarket
Nor is it for the corporate bank.

Behind them, a billboard reads:

        "I'm dying for a can of this pop!"

Graffiti stains of a mocking 'e'
On the end of its shallow sentence.

It starts to snow,
The litter of ripped up pornography

Dancing to the mellow, cool breeze
Of a tense, silent hell, the odd shriek of a crow.

The people stand face forward,
Eroding to vicious whispers of winds slowly.

A repressive voice startles their vomit within
Followed by a head-on bombardment of bullets.

The quote on the billboard now reads:
"I'm dying           of  h    ope"
amputate affected limb
visit apothecary
administer correct dose