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Poisoned Well - Michael Haanal
(dose: 750mg initially, then 250mg every 6-8 hours)

Mithridization - Alexis Child
(cautions: owing to toxicity to be used only for definite cyanide poisoning when patient tending to lose, or has lost, consciousness)

If You Take Symbilify - B Drew Collier
(side-effects: severe reactions, sometimes fatal, due to hypotension, hypoglycaemia, pancreatitis and arrhythmias)

From: The Catalogue of Fantastic and Fatal Flora - an experimental sourcebook of seeds for those who find this world regrettable - Juleigh Howard-Hobson
(cautions: hepatic impairment, pregnancy; intravenous injections must be given slowly over 5 minutes)

The Doctor-Patient Relationship - Marc Lowe
(side-effects: drowsiness, hypotension, hypertension, tachycardia)

Heads Will Roll - Rachel Kendall
(cautions: intravenous injections must be given slowly over 5 minutes and stopped if coughing or substernal pain)

Coalesce to the Ersatz - R L Greenfield
(dose: 2mg by intravenous injection every 4 to 6 hours until bleeding is controlled)

VII - Samantha Stiers
(dose: by intravenous injection, in patients without gross circulatory impairment, 100mg as a bolus over a few minutes)

A Page from Anne Dacre's Recipe Book, 1606

Robots in Underwear - Stephen Muret
(contra-indications: should be avoided in patients with myasthenia gravis, angle closure glaucoma, severe ulcerative colitis and toxic magacolon)

Born: Josepha Gutelius
(cautions: ineffective for male hypersexuality in chronic alcoholism; monitor hepatic function regularly)

Myself in the Womb of Pain - Rick Hutchinson
(dose: myocardial infaction, accelerated regimen {initiated within 6 hours})

Cingo, Cingere, Cinxi, Cinctum - Eliezra Schaffzin
(side-effects: nausea, anorexia, fever, skin reactions, taste loss; haemolytic anaemia, nephrotic syndrome, lupus erythematosus-like syndrome, myasthenia gravis-like syndrome)

Bone Flute -Kari Larsen
(cautions: avoid prolonged contact with skin; avoid in pregnancy and breast-feeding)

Reptile - Michael Estabrook
(dose: 250 micrograms by deep intramuscular injection)

Cellophane Highs - D H Sutherland
(dose: 200-500mg every 6 hours, at least 30 minutes before food)

Frogs - Tantra Bensko
(contra-indications: vascular disease unless extreme caution)

The Road to Health - Matt Dennison
(dose: apply thinly 3 times a week)

things start - David McLean
(dose: 7.5mg daily with food)

The Medicine I'm Taking is Making Me Sick - Corey Mesler
(side-effects: nausea, vomiting, colic, fatigue, headache)

Whitewall - Dominy Clements
(dose: diagnostic manoeuvres and procedures not involving intense pain, initially 4mg/kg)

Divine Blood and Common Medicine - Yarrow Paisley
(side-effects: generally mild and infrequent but high incidence of gastro-intestinal irritation with slight asymptomatic blood loss)

Side Effects - Bruce Dodson
(contra-indications: hypersensitivity to nitrates; hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy)

The Vomit Within - Craig Podmore
(side-effects: mainly nausea, vomiting and bleeding. Bleeding is usually limited to the site of injection)

Woe - Ron Koppelberger
(side-effects: transient oedema, local reactions and fat hypertrophy at injection site)

Untitled #9 - Michael Mc Aloran
(dose: by slow intravenous injection or by infusion, 2.4g every four hours)

Blood Flutes - Martin Heavisides
(dose: 60mg daily for 3 days before surgery or 30mg daily in patients unsuitable for surgery)

Milking the Milky Way - Augustus Peake
(cautions: adequate fluid intake should be maintained to avoid intestinal obstruction)

Blood Flow: A Chart - Leigh Knight/Sherry Musick
(dose: initially 1mg at bedtime, increased gradually over about 2 weeks to 1-2mg 3 times daily with food)

Human Medicine and the Spirit of Wilderness - A E Reiff
(contra-indications: hypersensitivity to nitrates; hypotensive conditions and hypovolaemia; aortic stenosis, cardiac tamponade, constrictive pericarditis; closed-angle glaucoma)

From: Aura Girl Series, no. 3 and no. 7 - Shannon Elizabeth Hardwick
(side-effects: burning, dry mouth, taste disturbance, nasal irritation, headache, photophobia, visual disturbance)

Ellie in Weather - Michelle Reale
(cautions: infusion-related reactions very common, calling for use of antihistamine and antipyretic; recurrent reactions may require corticosteroid)

Swallow this - Risa Denenberg
(side-effects: ciliary spasm leads to headache and browache which may be more severe in the initial 2-4 weeks of treatment)

Las Lobas - B Drew Collier
(dose: with subcutaneous or intramuscular injection, 1500 units dissolved directly in solution to be injected)

Elizabeth Short - Rick Hutchinson
(cautions: history of allergy, false-positive urinary glucose)

The Bill of Mortality for the City of London for the week beginning 13 June 1665

A List of Contributing Factors