Use of these drugs you've asked your doctor to prescribe
Because you saw them on TV
May cause:
Heartburn or headaches
Change in vision
Enlarged Prostate
Impaired judgment... motor skills
Decrease of white blood cells
Increased risk of death
And muscle spasms
Dry mouth
Trouble passing urine
Or depression
Suicidal thoughts
Face, mouth or throat rash
Nausea and
Trouble sleeping... strange dreams
Dizziness... fainting on standing
Slowing of your heartbeat
Increased risk of osteoporosis
Possibility of cancer.

Small amount of heart attacks were seen in studies.
If you or a loved one suffered side effects or died after consumption of this drug
Be sure to call your doctor
Then your lawyer
But you can't say you haven't been warned.
amputate affected limb
visit apothecary
administer correct dose
Bruce Dodson - Side Effects