what signifies is the eraser
where there is no paper
and words have never been,
under the raptor, the god,
the monster, cold flesh
under missing heaven,
and Ms Shelley's vegan beast
pulled together from men
preferring to be dead

(all the junkies expected
better, all the smart ones

what signifies is as clear
as a knife in the eye
and the apodictic evidence
of torture, subtle raptus
coming to touch us
guilty victims,

still living this endeixis
screaming in the skin,
screaming that ideality lies,
especially about living things:
it lies about living,
it lies about things.

(the significant refutation
screams in slashed skin.)
David McLean
the screaming meanies and
better living through chemistry

a mistake of familiarity;
I could tell you how

have been tricked
by the ease of beginning
only later, reaching
the first pitch crux

a monstrous four poster

Frankenstein stitches

and the gulls:
glass protractors
and fluted bowls
smashed geometrics
dissolving to cerise
vermilion, scarlet

as past the cracks I climbed,
and you climbed too, because.
Rose Hunter