Bendi Barrett is an American poet & would-be novelist living just outside of Chicago. You can find more information and stay apprised of his doings at his homebase:

Russell Bittner's work has been widely published in print and on the 'Net.  His first novel, Trompe-l'oeil, appeared at both Amazon-Kindle and Smashwords this past March, as did his two collections of short stories and one novella (in each):  Stories in the Key of C. Minor. and The Dead Don't Bitch. His memoir, Girl from Baku-previously published by the very gracious and (even in motherhood) desirable  Rachel Kendall via ISMs Press-also appeared at both Amazon and Smashwords in the same merry month of March, 2011. He believes, with Hobbes, that "life is short, brutish and nasty."  He also believes, with Donne, however, that art is long; and that no man is one, entire of itself-either an island or a work of art. And so, his new working motto is:  "Publish while ye can; for tomorrow, your little piece of the Continent may indeed become an island.  Set adrift.  In a sea of anonymity and noise."

Kelly Boyker lives and writes in Seattle, Washington.  Some of her work can be found at Opium Magazine, Wicked Alice, The Dirty Napkin and Mannequin Envy. More is forthcoming in Prick of the Spindle, Vinyl Poetry and the June edition of PANK.

Daniel Cvammen creates art because it makes him thrive. He creates art because he wants people to see his life the way he sees it. He creates art because it is exciting. Viewing just about anyone's work can give you a good idea about their lives. Who they are, what they saw. An autobiography in paint. Hr really takes to that concept consciously as he draws, paints or works on his press. Every where that he is, you will never find him without supplies. He can never miss an opportunity to capture something that might be so fleeting. The way light would be hitting a few empty chairs or cracks in the side of some brick wall. He sees hundreds of chances every day and he tries to get them all. Every place he eats, every time he sees a band or show, sitting at his desk at work and even in church. His work is his autobiography.

Dominy Clements (UK 1964) trained as a musician, and is employed at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague and as a freelance flautist, composer and translator. He took up writing as the easy option: a release from having to find musicians and venues to perform his music. Now he is learning all about how writing is by no means the easy option.  

B. Drew Collier offers flexible financing on night terrors, zero money down and no interest for twelve months on late model ghouls and wights, and an unbeatable selection of low-mileage revenants.   

Alex Deleuse is a musician and writer living in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Steven Johannes Fowler (1983) was born in Truro, Cornwall of Swedish / British ancestry and studied philosophy at the University of Durham and the University of London before becoming an employee of the British Museum. In 2010 he had works published by the Writers Forum, the Arthur Shilling press, the Red Ceiling press, Kitt press and Zimzalla as well as poetry featured in over 80 journals and ezines. He edits the weekly Maintenant interview series for 3am magazine showcasing innovative, contemporary European poets and is the author of two forthcoming collections, Fights (Veer books 2011) and Red Museum (Knives Forks & Spoons press 2011).

Jim Fuess works with liquid acrylic paint on canvas.  Most of his paintings are abstract, but there are recognizable forms and faces in a number of the abstract paintings.  He is striving for grace and fluidity, movement and balance.  He likes color and believes that beauty can be an artistic goal. There is whimsy, fear, energy, movement, fun and dread in his abstract paintings.  A lot of his abstract paintings are anthropomorphic. The shapes seem familiar. The faces are real. The gestures and movements are recognizable. More of his abstract paintings, both in color and black and white, may be seen at

Maryan Monalisa Gharain was born in Iran. She has contributed poetry and critical writing to various publications. Her films have screened at the Thownhouse Gallery of Contemporary Art, Harvard Film Archive, Pacific Film Archive, and elsewhere. She is a doctoral candidate in comparative literature with a secondary field in film and visual studies at Harvard University. she is translating Algaravias by Syrian-Brazilian poet Waly Salomão.

John Greiner's short stories and poetry have appeared in numerous magazines. His most recent e-book, Shooting Side Glances, was published by ISMs Press in 2011and Relics From a Hell's Kitchen Pawn Shop, was published as an e-book by Ronin Press in 2010. His plays have had successful productions in New York, Chicago and Gloucester, Massachusetts. His work with photographer Carrie Crow has been shown in galleries, museums and public spaces in New York, Los Angeles and Paris. Visit him at

Liz Hand describes herself as a visionary writer, with a longstanding interest in outsider artists, the subjects of much of her short fiction as well as her most recent novels, the forthcoming psychological thriller GENERATION LOSS, about an emotionally damaged proto-punk photographer, and 2004's MORTAL LOVE, inspired by the life and work of the schizophrenic Victorian fairy painter Richard Dadd. Visit her blog at

Links to Rose Hunter's writing can be found at "Whoever Brought Me Here Will Have To Take Me Home." Her poetry book, to the river, was published by Artistically Declined Press. She lives in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Mark Howard Jones has had dozens of short stories published on both sides of the Atlantic. His ISMs Press novella 'The Garden Of Doubt On The Island Of Shadows' drew praise from Ray Bradbury, among others. His collection 'Songs From Spider Street' is available now from He lives in Cardiff.

AJ Kirby is the author of four books - the dark sci-fi thriller Perfect World, (TWB Press, March 2011), Mix Tape, a volume of collected short stories, (New Generation Publishing, 2010), Bully a supernatural horror novel of revenge from beyond the grave (Wild Wolf Publishing, 2009) and the crime-thriller The Magpie Trap ( 2008). His short fiction has been published across the web and in print, including most recently as part of the Cabala anthology from Dog Horn Publishing.This year, Andy has been shortlisted for the Legend Press/ Paperbooks 'Tale of Two Halves' competition and was awarded runner-up in the Dog Horn Publishing Fiction Prize. Andy is a reviewer for The New York Journal of Books and The Short Review. He lives in Leeds, UK, with partner Heidi, and partner in crime, Eric the cat. You can find out more at

Pushcart Prize nominee Ash Krafton is a speculative fiction writer whose work has appeared in several journals, including The Fifth Di…, Silver Blade, and Absent Willow Review. Ms. Krafton resides in the heart of the Pennsylvania coal region and is an active member of Pennwriters, a national writers group. The Spec Fic Chick website can be found at

David McLean is Welsh but has lived in Sweden since 1987. He lives with boat, woman, dogs and cats on an island in the lake Mälaren. He is an atheist, an anarchist, an axiological nihilist, and, thus, generally disgusting. He has a BA in History from Balliol, Oxford, and a Master's in philosophy, taken much later and much more seriously studied for, from Stockholm. Up to date details of well over 1100 poems in various zines - both print and online, both degenerate and reputable - over the last three years or so are at his blog at There you will also find details of several currently available books and chapbooks - including three print full lengths, four print chapbooks, and a free electronic chapbook. A new chapbook is due out in spring 2011.

Laura McLaughlin's work has appeared in Haggard and Halloo, Clockwise Cat, Unlikely Stories, Sammy and Beckett, and Honest Apple and Fourberous Orange, and is forthcoming in Danse Macabre.  She currently resides in New Paltz, New York.

Diana Pollin has published widely on different websites where experimental work finds a forum. She holds degrees in linguistics, semantics and literature from New York University, Middlebury College and the Sorbonne, Paris. She may be contacted at

Caleb Powell lived overseas and taught ESL for eight years, and now makes Seattle his home. He enjoys a round of beer, sizzling conversation, and time spent with friends and family. Look for other work of his in Drunken Boat, Gulf Coast, LITnIMAGE, Post Road, Prick of the Spindle, Rio Grande Review, and Zyzzyva. 

Ken Poyner has published during the last forty years perhaps three hundred poems in sixty or so venues, with his latest chapbook being Sciences, Social.  Most recently, he has appeared in Eclectica, Blue Unicorn, Poet Lore, Frigg, Blue Collar Review, Adirondack Review, Medulla Review and elsewhere.  He lives with his world class power lifter wife and a collection of rescue cats in the bottom far right hand stretch of Virginia.

Jane Røken lives in Denmark, on the interface between hedgerows and barley fields, and likes to think of herself as an internationalist. Her works have appeared in Poor Mojo's Almanac(k), Phantom Kangaroo, The Flea, Four and Twenty, and Snakeskin.

Look for Martin Rose's work in the anthologies Fear of the Dark from Horror Bound publications and Art From Art from Modernist Press. More details are available at or connect with The Antichrist Diaries.

Dan Smith is a member of the Deep Cleveland Tribe of Poets & the Cleveland Speculators. His work has appeared in Scifaikuest, Paper Crow, Kaliedotrope, SpeedPoets &

Willie Smith is deeply ashamed of being human. His work celebrates this horror.

Elmore Snoody is 36 and lives in West Virginia. He is unemployed.