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fiction and poetry

The Butcher - Ken Poyner
Security Clearance - Russell Bittner
Mao Zedong is a Stupid Egg - Caleb Powell
American Dictionary - Kelly Boyker
A Moral Dispensation - Bendi Barrat
What's For Dinner - Ash Krafton
Psychopompery - A J Kirby
if one of us is to be confounded, I prefer that it should be you - S J Fowler
Braided Snakes - Willie Smith
Manny - Dominy Clements
Agile Lier - Diana Pollin
Valhalla Station - Mark Howard Jones
Jean Bart - Alex Deleuse

Ruins - Dan Smith
Down by the river I dream - Jane Røken

Harlequin - Laura McLaughlin
Quieting the Chimes - John Greiner
what signifies is monsters - David McLean
Climbers - Rose Hunter
Erwin - Elmore Snoody

The Black Dog of Newgate
Flyer Circa 1979 - B Drew Collier
Witchwood - Mark Howard Jones
Happy Easter, Love the King - Daniel Cvammen
Neptune Zephyr - Jim Fuess
The Hogfaced Gentlewoman
Signes and Wonders From Heaven
Magnificent Movie Monsters

The Beckoning Fair One: Thoughts on Muses - Liz Hand
The Sad Effect - Maryam Monalisa Gharavi

Avatar - Martin Rose