Have I gone crazy?

Have I lost the plot?

The next issue of Sein und Werden is not going to have a theme. Oh no. Neither is it going to have a deadline. What?? That's right. Also, there will not be a print issue. Instead, this rather special issue is going to be published online and on a disc. It's simply easier for me to get someone else (John Brewer) to put something together on disc for me in this tumultuous time of early motherhood, while I work solely on the web version.

The plan is to accept material until Sein is ready to explode and there is no room left. I am after the usual fair - stories/essays up to 3000 words, poems (no more than 3 at a time) and images. This is also an opportunity to submit your music, spoken word and animations.

When submitting please state if you have a preference for your work to go on disc or online if accepted. Please send as an attachment.
Text can be sent as .doc, .rtf or pdf documentt.
Images as jpg.
Sound files as mp3s only.
Movie files as .mpg, .avi or .mov.
Please note - I cannot accept realplayer.
All text will be converted to pdf files so they are compatible for macs and pcs.

Send to:
next issue
summer 2009
please note

The Summer online issue is now full.

However I am
still accepting material for the disc.