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Cast and Contents

Citizen Kohen by Aryan 'Insp. Harry Callahan' Kaganof

Forkhead by Stu 'Tony Montana' Hatton

An Interlude into a Weekend by Paul 'Randle Patrick McMurphy' Kavanagh

Film Rights by Martin 'Michael Corleone' Heavisides

The Archivist by Derek 'George Bailey' John

Three Poems by George 'Benjamin Braddock' Moore

The Taxidermist by Jesus Garza 'Vincent Vega' Jones

The Short Films of David Lynch: A Review? by Peter 'Alex DeLarge' Tennant

Learning Barbara Hammer's "History Lessons"
by Nicholas Alexander 'Rick Blaine' Hayes

Smoky Blonde by Julie 'Phyllis Dietrichson' Shapiro

The Immortal Story by Steve 'Jake LaMotta' Jensen

The Auto-Erotic Cento by Han 'Atticus Finch' Aidi-Dongxian

Foreign Correspondent

Tis the Season by Jonathan 'Jack Torrance' Woods

Cinema Director as Stage-Hypnotist: Werner Herzog's "Heart of Glass"
        by Nick 'Stanley Kowalski' Jackson

Eyes Wide Shut by Grace 'Dorothy Gale' Andreachi

Portrait of the Burglar as a Twisted Man by Adam 'Frank Booth' Moorad

Trompe-L'œil by Russell 'Travis Bickle' Bittner

An Ethnographer's Record by Johann 'Harry Lime' Carlisle

The Devil is a Woman