next issue
spring 2009

submissions deadline: 20th February 2009

The language of film is altogether different to the written word. Film necessitates the use of camera angles, lighting, costume, décor etc to control the space between the spectator and the spectacle, giving the illusion of reality in motion.

For the next issue of Sein und Werden I want your words and images to capture a cinematic style, genre or movement. This could be a favourite director eg. Lynch, Bunuel, Herzog; a movement eg. French New Wave, German Expressionism, Dogme 95 or a style eg. noir, stop-motion, b-movie etc. Consider the mise-en-scene, the contents of the frame and the relationship of the 'actors' to the audience when you adapt your work into a cinematic experience.

Alternatively take a well-known short story/novel and re-write it as a film.


I am also interested in essays on film-related subjects.

Additionally each submission should be accompanied by a paragraph explaining which style/genre etc you have chosen and some of the techniques you have applied to transform the text or image to film.

Usual guidelines apply: send submissions as doc/rtf/jpg attachments. Fiction and non-fiction 3000 words max. No more than 3 poems at a time.

for general submission guidelines