Deadline for submissions 20th August 2007
next issue
autumn 2007
vol.2 no.2
The next issue of Sein und Werden will be a double themed affair. A Siamese-twinned fandango, fused at the spine.

The themes are CLOWNS/GHOSTS.
That is clowns OR ghosts. I want one or the other. Not a combination of the two.

Coulrophobia - the fear of clowns. I don't want your child-entertainers, unless he eats the kids after the show. Think of the clown from It, the clown from House of a Thousand Corpses, Krusty from the Simpsons. I want teeth bared and flowers that squirt acid. I want drunken clowns and offensive clowns, clowns who fuck other mens' wives, clowns who pull heists and deal in devilry.
Phasmophobia - the fear of ghosts. I want to see your dead people. I want your ghosts to scare the pants off me. I want to be afraid to sleep without the light on. I do not want your Caspars!
And I want it all in the usual style - oblique, dark, smutty, surreal, experimental.

For this particular issue, I will ONLY be accepting THEMED submissions. * please note the slightly revised submission guidelines.

Do your worst.