Eli Lotar - Abattoir,1929
Negative Space - Rachel Kendall
The President's Brains - Phil Doran
Disappearing - JD Riso
the donkey method - peter schwartz
        & Lenka Maning-Warder
Ligature Mouthpiece - Matina L Stamatakis
rat-foetus blues - David Mclean
The Fathers We Find by Charles P Ries
        - Reviewed by Pablo Teasdale
Reflections - Ale Klay
Calvaria Arcularius - John Brewer
Date with a Dust Mite - Willie Smith
Shrine #5 (DOLLHEAD #2) - Juliet Cook
Interview with Ellaraine Lockie - Pablo Teasdale
Writers' Retreat - Ellaraine Lockie
Unaccustomed Mercy - DB Cox
House of Office - Bill Mehlman
the key the secret - Steve Ely
Tuned to a Dead Station - Brian Collier
Review of Mad Hatters' 7 - Daniel Y Harris
Queen 1 - Vadim Bystritski
Rue de la Quarantine - Jason Heroux
The Brooks - Brian Collier
Imposter - Christopher Morris
Solid Gold - Rachel Kendall
Emerald City Eulogy - WS Fisher
Lost on the Black Opal Highway - JE Stanley
mania of a dry american - peter schwartz
The Death of Minor Characters - George Sparling
Childhood Nightmare - D Richard Scannell
Ken Maynard - Jeff Crouch
Untitled - Rachel Kendall
(As the Poet Dies.........a splintering) after Baudelaire
        - Dan Smith
Tulips - Andrew Lander
Little Exodus - peter schwartz
The Collector - Maleficient Blue
Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except
        For Me And My Monkey - Jode Daber
Kobelco Darkness 2 - Jeff Crouch

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