ISSN 2046-8598
Winter 2014
Wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome to this commemorative issue of Sein und Werden, celebrating 10 years in the land of post-modern surrealism, speculative absurdism and existential jibber-jabber.

This was not an easy theme to write for but the contributors featured on the following pages not only rose to the challenge but also surpassed expectation. There are some very keen minds out there, some acute creative types hell-bent on causing chaos with their experimental nonsense. And the results are wonderful. The number 10 has been used and abused in many ways, through duplicity, anatomy, heredity... Biblical, historical and astronomical reference has been made. Science has been meddled with and nature violated. And all in the effort to produce an issue that reeks of something gone bad; but even rotten matter is teeming with life...