Welcome to the autumn '06 issue of Sein und Werden -
Doppelgänger. Flit through these pages and you'll find winter creeping in with shades of gold and brown in words and text shed like something dead and rotting. See the doppelgänger embrace her muse. Let the witches have their say. This is their time after all.

And don't forget the very other, the actual other, the significant, and overly jealous other - the print edition of Sein, now in its second issue. Where the online version is glossy and sleek, the print zine is the rough cut, the dirty paramour and the razored edge of the split.

Vim Cortez of the Paris Bitter Hearts Pit says it all:
"We like the DIY look of the print version, evocative of guerilla/ghetto publishing actions in which we believe… the discriminating reader (that old bastard) is certain to find something suited to their literary cravings in this diverse yet coherent issue, which sports the colours of a special brand of surrealism / existentialism."

Please, to enjoy,