Towards a Virtual Globule

Here is an isopathic map
of the zoo canals. Observe
the forkleft meander of the tithe
and the subtle bivariate relief
of the chloroplethic flow.
In contrast to the transit map of Venus,
the sinusoical projection remains
largely monoscopic. Moreover,
the parabolic cadastres, shown in green,
are atypical for azimuthal latitudes.
One would expect to find
a more orthoclastic dot distribution
in such a dasymetric hachure.

Now we come to the volta. Here
the rhumb line intersects the graticule
at the polyconic zenith. A theodolite
was used in traversing the isogloss
from prime to secondary meridian,
thus triangulating the horse latitudes
hypsometrically into Bay of Fundy,
Isle of Lundy, and Mappa Mundi.
Quod libet deconstructum.