Allen Ashley is a regular contributor to "Sein und Werden" and previously edited the issues entitled "The Restless Consumer" and "The Unnatural World". His latest books are: "Sensorama: Stories of the Senses" (as editor, Eibonvale Press, 2015) and "Dreaming Sphere: Poems of the Solar System" co-written with Sarah Doyle (PS Publishing, 2014). He is a British Fantasy Award winner and is also the judge for this year's British Fantasy Society Short story Competition which closes on 30 June 2015 - details here:

Gary Budgen
grew up and still lives in London, UK. As well as stories in Sein und Werden he has had fiction published in anthologies such as Sensorama, Where are We Going?; After the Fall and Fugue. He has also been published in magazines like Interzone, Dark Horizons, Morpheus Tales, M-Brane SF, and Theaker's Quarterly. He has an MA in Creative Writing from Middlesex University and is a member of London Clockhouse Writers. He can be found at: https://garybudgen.wordpress.com/

Cecelia Chapman
is a visual artist working in video and text. ceceliachapman.com.

Tom Clatworthy is a London based artist. He graduated last year from the Royal College of Art, where he studied MA Photography. He is now writing.

Clockhouse London Writers was formed in October 2012 by Allen Ashley. Clockhouse London Writers is an advanced writing group dedicated to writing short fiction within the broad science fiction / fantasy / horror / slipstream fields. The group - collectively or individually - have collected a huge number of publishing credits since its formation. Check out: http://clockhouselondonwriters.wordpress.com/
Please address any membership enquiries to Allen at clockhouselondonwriters@hotmail.co.uk

B Drew Collier clings to the surface of a four-and-a-half-billion-year-old spaceship blasting through the Stygian galactic waste at a speed most human minds can't comprehend.

Sarah Doyle is the Pre-Raphaelite Society's Poet-in-Residence. She has been widely placed and published, with her first collection, "Dreaming Spheres: Poems of the Solar System" (co-written with Allen Ashley), being published by PS Publishing in autumn 2014.  Sarah co-hosts Rhyme & Rhythm Jazz-Poetry Club at Enfield's Dugdale Theatre.  More at: www.sarahdoyle.co.uk

Helen Frank is an artist and sometimes writer who, from her studio in the north of England, is a postal member of the Oupeinpo. www.helenfrank-who.blogspot.com

Daniel Galef
has appeared in the e-pages of Sein und Werden three times, and a few other places, too, including Light, Child of Words, and Word Ways, as well as fifteen different McGill University publications (with designs on the rest). His writing process generally involves the consumption of a certain psychotropic species of fish, a blood sacrifice to the Dark Muse Melinoe, and arranging into lines and stanzas letters cut out from old ransom notes. Born sometime in the previous millennium, he currently resides in this one, a bit to the left. He has no website except his Twitter account (hint hint), but everyone else seems to have one, so the hyperlink below is to this very page. Yeah, you can do that now.

Esther Greenleaf Murer, who has just turned eighty, lives in Philadelphia. She is a lifelong aficionado of dictionaries, and has long since given up trying to make sense out of the world.

AJ Huffman has published eleven solo chapbooks and one joint chapbook through various small presses. Her new poetry collection, Another Blood Jet, is now available from Eldritch Press.  She has two more poetry collections forthcoming: A Few Bullets Short of Home, from mgv2>publishing and Degeneration, from Pink Girl Ink.  She is a Multiple Pushcart Prize nominee, and has published over 2100 poems in various national and international journals, including Labletter, The James Dickey Review, Bone Orchard, EgoPHobia, and Kritya. She is also the founding editor of Kind of a Hurricane Press. www.kindofahurricanepress.com

Mark Howard Jones
is the author of the novella The Garden Of Doubt On The Island Of Shadows and the collections Songs From Spider Street and Brightest Black. He is also editor of the anthologyCthulhu Cymraeg: Lovecraftian Tales From Wales and the upcoming Cthulhu Cymraeg II. He lives in Cardiff, the capital of Wales.

Violet Kendall-Brewer is a writer and artist working in various media and usually keeping inside the lines. She is 6 years old and loves sausages. Her mum edits this rag.

AJ Kirby is the author of the novels The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters, Paint this Town Red, Bully, Perfect World and Sharkways. His short fiction has been published across the web, and in magazines, anthologies and literary journals, as well as in three collections: Trickier & Treatier, The Art of Ventriloquism and Mix Tape. He has been regularly included within the pages of Sein und Werden. He was one of 20 Leeds-based authors under 40 recently shortlisted for the LS13 competition and his novel Paint this Town Red was shortlisted for 2012′s The Guardian Not the Booker prize. He has enjoyed Amazon chart success for both his fiction and non-fiction. He lives in Leeds with his girlfriend Heidi, his son Leon, and his daughter Peggy.

Ben Leib spent twelve years as a waiter, a student (both undergraduate and graduate), and an alcoholic intravenous drug user. He now happily works at sea five weeks out of every ten. You can check out his publication history at benleib.com.

Pushcart nominee Bruce McRae is a Canadian musician with over 900 poems published internationally, including Poetry.com and The North American Review. His first book, 'The So-Called Sonnets', is available via Silenced Press and Amazon. To see and hear more poems go to 'BruceMcRaePoetry' on YouTube.

Diana Magallón is a mexican artist, cipollinaaaaa.blogspot.com

Adam Marks
is 35 years old. He is married, a father of one. He lives and works in London. He writes speculative fiction. As well as short stories he is also working on a novel. His current influences are William Burroughs, China Mieville, Ward Moore and the SCP Foundation. Another of his stories can be found here http://www.redwedgemagazine.com/prose/ideas

Dan Morey is a freelance journalist in Erie, PA. His creative work has appeared in many publications, including The Chagrin River Review, Gadfly and Squawk Back. He's currently at work on a travel book, a novel, and a hookless rope lure for catching longnose gar. Find him at danmorey.weebly.com.

Andrew Pidoux is the author of a book of poetry, Year of the Lion (Salt Publishing, 2010), and the winner of an Eric Gregory Award from the UK's Society of Authors. As well as being a former contributor to Sein und Werden, he has had recent stories in Lighthouse, Litro and Stockholm Review of Literature, poems in Drunk Monkeys, Magma and Wasafiri and comics in Forge, Star 82, and Wilderness House. http://www.saltpublishing.com/shop/proddetail.php?prod=9781844717910

Ken Poyner has lately been seen in "Analog", "Café Irreal", "Cream City Review", "The Journal of Microliterature", "Blue Collar Review", and many wonderful places.  His latest book of short fiction, "Constant Animals', is available from his web, www.kpoyner.com and from www.amazon.com.  He is married to Karen Poyner, one of the world's premier power lifters, and holder of more than a dozen current world power lifting records.  They are the parents of four rescue cats, and two energetic fish.

Rachel Rodman writes fiction about unnatural animals. Visit her at rachelrodman.com

Parker Weston is a multimedia artist residing in Mesa, Arizona (voted the most conservative big city in the United States) mainly focused on assemblage/sculpture. When he was a child, an overpaid psychic told his mother that he would be a writer someday. He was relieved later that she was spared the news that along the way he would be an adult shop janitor and backpacking drifter before this writing business ever came into effect.

Phil Wood works in a statistics office. Enjoys working with numbers and words. Published work can be found in various publications London Grip, The Recusant,  and most recently in The Lampeter Review : http://issuu.com/lampeter-review/docs/tlr_issue_11/111?e=1921943/11714382