The Road to Freedom Road

is a cluster-fuck of bureaucracy,
a political chess game of human
pieces and hidden posturing powers.

is a cesspool, flooded in blood
from the innocent and the guilty,
non-discriminating, greedily taking
sacrifices of all shape, size, age, and color.

is unbalanced, a broken scale, heavy
on the side of souls readily traded
for frivolous pleasures paid for
in uniformed bodies, Arlington graves.

is unappreciated, taken for granted and used
as a tongue-in-cheek punch line
by complacent civilians, men and women who claim
title under the word, but have never lifted
a finger to earn it.
The Road to Functional Road

is ill-defined, impossible
to traverse. Incomplete
guidelines change hourly,
occasionally lapsing into foreign
conversations just for spite. Pressures
and random obstacles rain
from seemingly clear skies. Mocking
laughter from fellow travelers, just
as lost, hastens the pace, compounds
the confusion.
The Road to Fairytale Road

is paved in bullshit
dictated by prehistoric gender-
biased assholes, praying they can hold
our attention long enough to erode
inherent common sense.  They line it
with pretty shops full of pink
petticoats and twinkling tiaras, each sold
(separately) with an amazing amount of fine
print and strings already firmly attached. What
a mess of misdirection.  It takes a lifetime
to sort through it all,
          and still you will
likely emerge with frog piss on your boots.