"You think it fun driving around inside a giant kidney? The corpuscles stick out in the road. Fibrous strands twist under the tires. Kidney kidney on the wall, kidney on the dashboard, kidney tires, kidney pie. There's so much bladder wack the kidney has not seen.  The smell, the glomerulus, the thing always preoccupies, the antidiuretic hormone"

Peter Waldo

"There are some differences outside the sun, if colorless, but no sign of Watching  because the eye is nobody and has to cause algorithm sifts by program. Cameras spot the general, microchips particular. BP, heart rate, brain monitors normality. So what Thought Police? "Everybody watched all the time" That means et tu. Turning back to the screen means nothing. Truth inverted pyramids stretch 300 levels below surface. Newspeak microwaves manipulate thoughts by satellite. There is reason to believe people were needed after all. Eggheads denigrate such thinking as dystopian, but we would all be sure."

"After Hawthorne understood all government, ecclesiastical, social leadership was witches, hidden though, like with the gold pentagram on the door, never actually seen, moved finally by her father and mother in their 60′s, clergy with a car sticker,  sat on the grass and watched them load. This passed as normal. Neighbors came and cut the lawn. The roof was falling in. The previous owner, a religion prof, died in the middle of talking (lit.). Outside the gates in Revelations 18, before such habitat is landscape, the communal trash barrels filled. Each pickup the can and rag people patrolled to find what they could, but when the witch dismounted, and the portents cleansed,  three rag pickers were dead around the barrels from the smell."

Street Vendor's Pamphlet Distributed Outside White House

"If the Age is UBU who the h is H? We thought we knew, but Forces pulled the wool over eyes who thought themselves important for being wise. They thought they would be treated plus, but they were  treated THUS. All rise! Kneel."

Worship at the Beast Dome

"Streets circled when the hybrid found how much artificial intelligence it would need. Indefinite mind expansions in the tank produced this memoir of the Ubu Age. How to dance around the sacred pole? Can Priapus stand the gods?  Tell it to the prince of  human subjects, his own "divine self," to the mice who lost their mammal fortress. Is it sudden? If the god does to the human, no longer human means changes in phenotype of children and different genes forever."

"I wanted to know the organic machine, a wonder box on wheels or a perfect conscienceless man that had the cure? I wanted to know who lay poetry down in the labs and took the H+ hors d'oeuvre. Humor to pretend. Conditioning it says, look like the h, but be under. They give Nietzsche in the Fiber Bath to Uber Man! No need for microwave hearing effect, prebot Monarchs, electrosmog  amnesia walls. No doubt "all creatures create something beyond themselves" spake Z Man OverConfident: "would you, the last of the great, return to the animals when you could overcome?"

Zman Is Coming to Earth! 

"So yes there was ethnic cleansing. Everything was meant to confuse, to prevent debate while those who thought they knew assumed their ticket good. Is it sudden? Electric drills were turned on and clamped against the teeth; he is instructed to operate an arbitrary switchboard, put certain connections in certain sockets in response to bells and light. Every time he makes a mistake the drills are turned on. Signals  are gradually speeded up beyond his reaction time. Half an hour on the Switchboard and he breaks down like an overloaded thinking machine (Burroughs). Over and over. "In 2002, the anthropologist John H. Moore estimated that a population of 150-180 would allow normal reproduction for 60 to 80 generations - equivalent to 2000 years." With in vitria fertile sperm banks, sex was superfluous. Bodies needed to perform menial tasks, less reason to store anything but token populations, appealed to government science. What if Somebody Chat Bot wrote like a machine? It could pass the Turing Test, pass the Targ test. "What is an ape or mouse or man. Embarrassment, a joke, "Ubermensch uber alles!  From worm to man to worm. Overman hates earth!" Overman Shall Be the Meaning of Earth!"


"Trank dart squads patrol random quadrants prior to the Event. Natives stored  at random, guinea mice as needed, the rest left to melt to stone and dust. Selective service drafts the best and brightest on gene records kept. Not hard to convince to go. Considered a compliment. Infrastructure in place from all faculties underground. Program foresaw but did not heed pattern breaks, iconoclasts who however by nature would not go, so these were tranked as well. Nothing can be said of government ministries below. Presume you will go where you go, even to levels below below. Do not think, except in cases where the directorate is divided, to allow, foster or provoke thought. These are the agencies of control. We'll get back to you."


"They thought to make a bot, assigned me to work beside demensene Wold to ferret out his thought. As consciousness dawned and body weaved I heard what goes, which machines in Spider Spinner  can't, or don't… they hope. This came: Every Jet altered. Shechem to Abimelech!  Moab to Median! Pere Mobot Thorndike Prog thought it thought, which said and done saw the Fire of Abimelech! Oh yeah! Come in. Ye Gad, ye got. Wash it, wash it, pop the main."

A Prog

"Die Spinne built the Be's and Not Be's Demobots. H+ needed history. Why hide it? What the H could they do? Neurosis in our Wormwood 'gan when chemical plant imploded Bot dependants again! Wiedersehen godlings trolled to see. Hooked up to Thorndike, Abimelech began to sing. Chanted in sleep as did all subjects of the whims.  Reverse Syndrome made God a tyrant and Shiner the boss, re-reversed. The bigger the lie the tyrant said. But Yahweh provided the sacrifice he sought. How you gonna beat that, but turn opposite? We broke the imponderable by machine, delivered a slave girl and a whole race. But that Nation Father forsworn, prevented by the One, completely incorporated the mistake. How you gonna beat that? Spend all day confusing the godlings, the last thing you want is for H to find out he like Bear."

"You got hybridality,
walk hybridality,
charm hybridality"


"Beowulf  ripped off Grendel's arm. Then Gilgamesh died. The new world assembly got even with Jung's mind. Hybrids chucked analogues. Invisible Giants disemboweled cows. Read readers and thinkers. Eat as much as artificial feed to plump the herd. How many hybrids it take to start a heart? If you're a hybrid stay away from earth. One thing you don't know. -All institutions are demonic. From The Golden Bough: Culture is not your friend.. Ha. don't need that! - A fine day in the life of Para-Mort rings up SkyNet to see if they caught the h up yet. Carefully prepared viruses made false pluses of Sarah Connors come true. How could it be a New Man if it's in the movies? Competition between machine and H+ Newbie?  Atom winks at continent wifi extra-cranial neural caps to ferret out revolutionary "silent talk?" If you Operatives wonder what "tele-presence" means, EEGs of intended speech, mobile BCI cognitive threat fear, read the links!  Our symposia this report. Not just earth life, radical alterity detailed for planets, terra-formed comets, atmospheric corrections on Mars. New universes will be built then wars."

De Garis, Jan 2011.