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Philanderer ~ Rachel Rodman
Replicant Army - B Drew Collier
Flight ~ Elaine Borthwick
Scene ~ Matthew Harrison
Rose and Kit ~ Caleb True
The Inquiring Murderer ~ Sara Bickley
Vanity: Not Just for Humans Anymore ~ Beau Johnson
Post-Partum Picasso ~ Violet Kendall-Brewer
The Strangest Coincidence Imaginable ~ J J Steinfeld
Devil in Sports Casual ~ Tom Leins
Climbing Out of My Own Skin ~ A J Huffman
Eat the Night ~ Cecelia Chapman and Jeff Crouch
The Sweating Heap ~ William LN Smith
Work Makes Free - Sy Roth
The Oldest Game in Town ~ Kenton K Yee
Death by Insurance Salesman ~ A J Kirby
There are no squares in nature, Elmer Wood ~ Rick Hutchinson
Watching Emily Dress ~ Gary Budgen
Interview with Juliet Cook
Churning Codex Portal ~Juliet Cook and Robert Cole
Just Don't Spit on Me - Rick Hutchinson
But Everyone is Different  ~ Bob Lock
The Naked Mind - Jason E Rolfe
Demi-God ~ Violet Kendall-Brewer
The Audion and the Fadeaway ~ Tom Sheehan
Heredyssey ~ Douglas Thompson
Under Snow ~ Nicholas Alexander Hayes
Horror-horror 3 ~ Volodymyr Bilyk
The Gibberish Solution ~ Elmore Snoody
Morals About Marilyn ~ Ellaraine Lockie
Unspoken ~ Noel Sloboda
The Ex-commissioner's Son ~ Zack Wentz
Semper... ubi sub ~ D E Oprava
Attack of the Mermen ~ Allen Ashley
Dispatch Memoirs of the Attorney General ~ A E Reiff