Sein und Werden is a one-woman publishing venture. Each print issue is lovingly spun from the webs of the lesser-spotted Hedonist spider, strands of silk from the Opulent Silk Worm and lengths of shed skin from the venomous Decadent Snake.

Other ingredients include the shake of a lamb's tail, knee of bee, arse of cat and bollock of dog.

All mixed, mashed and marinaded with the best in surreal, noir, bizarre and expressionist fiction, poetry and art.

Some issues may be raw punk glue and collage, whilst others are fed through my printer by tiny naked fairies who work through the night for salted peanuts.

If you would like to see more loveliness 4 times a year (or indeed 8 times in two years for the more hedonistic amongst you!) it will cost a mere
£16.00 / $32/00 / €24.00  - one year's subscription (£28.00 / $60.00 / €44.00 for 2 years).

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By subscribing to Sein und Werden you are keeping good literature and art ALIVE, you are FEEDING the muse, you are joining the cult of RAW, BEAUTIFUL, DECADENT people. You are, in short, being really cool.

Go on, I dare you. Keep this thing alive.
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