Strip Lights - Andrew Nightingale
The Murderer - Christian Ward
Laundry Day - NK Leullier
Envy - Rhiannon-Skye Boden
Lost Eden - Toti O'Brien
Hole - Julie Blankenship
Eighteenth Century Pastimes - George Rawlins
In Lieu of Springtime - EF Hay
In the Water - Toti O'Brien
Flesh World - Juliet Cook
The Malfeasance Sprang from One Central Point - Eric Suhem
Empty - Pam Knapp
Distant Place - Cecelia Chapman
Snow White and the Seven Biblical Floods - Rachel Rodman
Joy to the World - IB Rad
I Don't Care, Do You? - William Doreski
Our Triumph in a Foreign City - Gary Budgen
Images from the documentary Cameraperson by Kirsten Johnston
Put My Burning Blood in Your Alligator Purse - Catfish McDaris
My Neighbor's Chainsaw - William Doreski
The Milkperson - Aaron W Fentress
After Meeting Her in Amsterdam - Ellaraine Lockie
Portrait - Ken Poyner
Loosely Bound Mind - Nick Hadfield
Giant - David Charles Gill
Previous Plans for Escape - JJ Steinfeld
The Case of the Button Boots - NA Jackson
Drum Slowly, Fife Lowly - Nicholas Alexander Hayes
Raw - Antoni Ooto
The Hermit - Richard Gessner
Reading the Mystery Novel - Christian Ward
To the One Who Stole a Book at My Poetry Reading - Paul Hostovsky
The murder of Father Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin considered as the
         single men's Olympics Luge final - David Stevens
Crime Scene - Norman Conquest
Health and Safety - Mark Kirkbride
Dregs - Kate Meyer-Currey
The Boning Hole - Holly Day
On ne corrige pas celuy qu'on pend - Dmitry Borshch
Alexander Frey's The Stranger, translated by William Bamberger
Destination, Mindfulness - Rich Murphy
Listening - Brian Jerrold Koester
All That Heaven Allows - Jessie Janeshek
In the Woods - Jordan Kendall-Brewer
Off the Road - Matt Ellis

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---- Rachel Kendall