A Musical Fable and Morality Tale of a Rake and Brigand's Declining Spiral of Vandalism and Thievery and subsequent Imprisonment, Betrayal, and Cuckolding

Gabe, a deaf cad, Abe, a cad, defaced a café façade, bagged a fab bead (a bad deed). A beaded café babe, Bea, gabbed (a D.A. egged Bea, bade gab); Gabe, Abe faced a cage. A D.A. aced a cad: Gabe begged, acceded. Gabe: a caged cad. A D.A. gaffed, bade Abe be. Abe bagged a decade, bedded Debee, Becca, Ada, Dee. Gabe ebbed, faded; Gabe effaced. Gabe ceded a decade; a cad face aged, bagged. Cage feed be bad: cabbage fed a cad; Gabe gagged, dabbed face. Begged be fed beef, decaf. Caged Gabe debagged. A decade added, Abe gabbed: 'Gee! Gabe dead! Be'eaded!' Deb, Gabe babe, dabbed face. Deb faced Abe, begged Abe be bad, bed Deb. Abe (a cad, a decade added, be a cad) acceded, bedded babe. Egad! (Fade.)

The Constraints
by Daniel Galef