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money-maker ~ Rachel Kendall
Manifesto for the Exquisite Corpse - Gary Budgen
EC1 - Come the Spring
Absinthe Spirit - Sissy Pantelis
Absynthe - Didizuka
Trophy Wife - Rhys Hughes
From Many Pieces - Rachel Rodman
Corpse - Adam Lowe
Stillcalf - Saul Hughes
The Great Event - Yarrow Paisley
Mask - Avital Gad-Cykman
Creeping Phlox - Saul Hughes
13 Miles to Somewhere - Sy Roth
Sexual Love and Sudden Hostility - Elmore Snoody
Corpo Bonito by Gonzalo Canedo
For Sein Nicks - an exquisite corpse
Kunsthalle 80333 5:12:2007 by Steve Toase
Autopsy Means to See with One's Own Eyes - Ellaraine Lockie
The Sacred Kings of Before - Brent Powers
Beyond Starlight's Reach - an exquisite corpse
Corpus Deliciosum - Mark Howard Jones
Untitled - Nelly Sanchez
Fashion victim - Juliet Cook
Life of John - S J Yuan
EC2 - Beetle
Composition with Starling - Laura M Forgie
A Secret No One Shares - B Drew Collier
Esprit de Corpse - Allen Ashley
She Stands Watch - Kristin Fouquet
Lazarus - John Thomas Allen
I Am Being - A J Huffman
Roses - Nicole Votta
Desiderata Disordered - Michael Brandonisio
Bananaskin - Paul Kavanagh
A Man of Many Parts - Bob Lock
supple bone - David McLean
That Evil Stench - Paul Hostovsky
Centuria and the Exquisite Corpse - Clockhouse London Writers
The Analyst - Nicole L Ivins
Post Op - Janet Snell
Womb - Roberta Chloe Verdant
Three Ways to Say Dear John, I Love You But... - Cecelia Chapman and Jeff Crouch
Foreclosure - Paul Hostovsky
Convention (I) - Articles 16, 17 - Gordon White
Letter to a Sweet-Smelling Woman Waiting Words - Tom Sheehan
Where's This Now? - Martin Heavisides
EC3 - The Point of No Return