Her body bagged in netting
Silver-split incommensurate
Elliptical eyes hovering
Under the dilating sun

We said, Shimmy my girl, we have caught you

Your inchoate triggers
Of lapsed backward screams
Thud spilled
Without ever God-speeding your heartbeat
Onto our brows

Your wavering hairs,
exposed cartilage of sea anemones,
couldn't tell you about their peeling shells...
As they housed
the pale ribbon bleeding
Of your plum rotten body

Plucked too late off the vine
Of a barrage of lost letters
Those shredded sentiments
Are now cabbage awaiting fire

And so now we count our nights with
Your lapis lazuli arms suspended
Growing reef tendrils
Out of your swollen breasts
Reflecting On The Moon by Spyros Heniadis
Mermaid's Tale
by Michelle Cherrix