Ecliptic Skulls
Norman Sandow
Death, upon the midnight hour
And all its slaves to Time
The stem, from which to flower
The strength, from which to climb
      As it has been granted unto thee
             To smell blood upon the water
             To see smoke filled bones
             To feel flesh as of silk
             To hear the wings of fury
                   Circling distant moons
             To taste the Tempestial Virus
                   Of a Premevil endurance
Like glass through a diamond
             To smell the masked intent
             To see ecliptic skulls
             To give flesh as of steel
             To hear silent communications
                   Of the conquest saviour
             To taste the Genetic Mirrors
                   Of an absolute intervention

For nothing is truly sacred
As in life, we part
Maim by Juliet Cook
Soluble Fish - Andre Breton