crystal is clear and
cracking with the sadness
of old Kleenex drenched
with nasal signatures
of cartooned caricatures
lining discontented sidewalks
chalked in blood
leaked from
horizontal faces
vaguely remembered
but skillfully realized
on the other side of
drive by dissatisfaction
guaranteed to leave
you licking salted
superficial wounds

dim ghosts resume
scheming monocromatic
depolarizing wavelengths that
transmit creaking paper voices
on muted sounds of
sad screams, agonizing groans
that climb eternal stairways
to nowhere sensibile
reverberating through numb organs
seeping through gargoyle walls
silenced only by
un-solidified plans to
silence future echoes
and castrate pain
suddenly interrupted by the
titanic ringing shocks
of the desemboweled
living in the bell jar
Born and raised in Philadelphia, JANE is now a Chicago based spoken word poet who's work has been critically acclaimed by listeners and readers as "provocative", "altering", "intense" and "sexy". She has graced the microphones of such famous venues ad The Green Mill (Chicago) and Nuyorican Poet's Cafe (New York) and will be featured this year at the Estrojam Festival in Chicago. She is proud to have shared her ideas with both the underground artist community as well as the above ground mainstream punks.  She maintains a repertoire of material that covers all aspects of life as influenced by her own diverse personal experience.  Her goal is to force the reader/listener to critically evaluate our cultural rituals and habits, to examine life from more than one angle and to challenge current themes.

JANE is currently appearing monthly at Trace (Chicago) with the Polyrhythmics group and is also hosting her own open mic at LEILA JANE's.  To learn where and when JANE will be performing next and to stay abreast of upcoming JANE projects please visit her website at:
Vertigo Organ by R Bagley
Adrugs1 by Steve Lockwood