David McLean
bodies and buckets

bodies are buckets of melancholy and memories, they think and live their orgasms as forgetfulness and regret. the luscious lapsus wherewith we sink quicker into this vivacious void we call life. like a lonely ghoul condemned to nibble his own fingers, we are coprophages savoring shit as we re-member and dissemble, confabulating a bit as we put together who this fabulous "me" is. my body is a bucket of blood and cum and conceivably love, a little word that denominates the waiting and the flesh's infinite patience. bodies are everything but impotent. an impotent man does not really exist, just a phantom getting off on his own dust. our bodies are favorably disposed to the patient passion the dead savor. we fuck to resurrect them again, to let the dead watch us. we fuck because we must.
Nicholas Alexander Hayes
After the Handcuffed Tree

A superior man convicts by contact. A driven owner's consent kills intention. A dead deer requires sex and treated health.

After authorities investigate, a deer exchanges a person for mistreatment and possibility accosts authorities. This sentence relates deer and 13-year old suspect to pleaded contest, entered pact. The contract pierces the boy and permits she whose name is identity no contest guilt after surgery. Third-degree loss pounds the boy for months, for protection.

Police attempt a suspect abduction. Screaming early, a passer-by was initially doubted. Investigators endanger the welfare of sodomy, said the man. Later, said man identifies a 26-year old picture: a handcuffed tree, the boy's bracelet, a deer pounded by a baseball bat.

The boy receives probation and serves animal guilt.