Mikael Covey
Pretty Girl

Sweet kid, cutest little wench you ever saw. Skinny little thing with big breasts, like some girls are. Light brown hair, little doll face and sexy-looking round glasses, like a nice girl who can't wait to be naughty. Smiling all the time so happy, playful, could freeze you out one moment, then melt your heart with never ending kisses, the next. Yeah, the sugar on those lips, sure like to taste some of that.

I follow her into chapel, me and a handful of other folks, older types here for religion. Me, I just wanna get close to her. She heads for the last pew in the tiny chapel and sits down. I sit down beside her, stained glass and old stone just to our left. The other folks scatter themselves in nearby pews toward the back. Then the girl gets up and goes to the front pew and sits there all by herself. Feel like joining her, but stay where I am. Don't know what kinda games she's up to. Who does?

Later we're at my room in the big old hotel building. Lying there talking in the dark, nothing else, just talking. Then drift off to sleep. Some time later the phone rings, and the girl answers it. "My grandfather" she says "I shoulda been home half-hour ago." "Let's go" I tell her, jumping off the bed. "I'll drive you. Be there in no time." "Nah" she says "there's no reason to, now. I'm already late." She lies down on the bed and looks at me. I don't get it. She doesn't wanna be here, doesn't wanna be there either.

But she knows what I'm thinking. "You just want to get close to my sister, is all." Yeah, that's true. So very obvious to everybody...but me, I suppose. Her sister's the most beautiful girl on the planet, got Phi Beta Kappa brains and a personality that's life when you're near her and death when you're not. Yeah, she's the only thing I can't live without. But then, everybody wants to get close to that girl. Makes for a bit of a pile up at the top; and sometimes I think I'm the only one who hasn't been there.

But that's not the point, not that it matters. Nothing I can say's gonna change her mind. "I got brothers" I tell her. "Yeah?" she says, smiling that teasing playful smile. I get up and head down the hallway of the big old building. Find my half-brother in a room toward the end. He looks different; bigger, older, for some reason, like a pro. We don't see each other much, we're only half-brothers. I tell him about the girl, and he goes and I stay.

Next morning there's a big commotion down at my room. All her relatives there, and detectives and shit like that. I think they're detectives, anyway. They're examining evidence and pointing things out to all the folks sitting around. "Here's where she was bound up" says this one guy "you can clearly see the strap markings still on the bed."

I look. can, shit. Looks to me like she was tied up in a kneeling position, bent double, and tied again.

"Your brother" he says to me "belongs to a gang that...targets young girls." Hmm, news to me; I had no idea, we're not that close.  Apparently no one's blaming me but I can't help feeling responsible. I brought her here, got them together. Didn't know this was gonna happen, but even so, still feels like it's my fault. Damn.

Doesn't seem to matter that the girl's sitting there listening while everyone's talking about her. The detective guy goes on explaining and sorting out the facts. "You can see where she wrote on the headboard here." He points to some blue chalk markings around a carved hole in the wooden headboard. "Here, right here - he's a muck. That's the key to this...wherever it leads." I go over and take a closer look while the detective continues his spiel. I interrupt him "I believe it says - he's a hunk...not muck."

Things calm down after a bit. I start thinking it's not such a big deal if it was all like a consensual thing anyway. Still feel kinda bad though, 'cause it's maybe not right but... who's to say. We all go over to her grandfather's farm, out in the peaceful sunny countryside. Everybody milling around in the big warm kitchen, making breakfast, all hunky-dorey now. Posters of yellow-colored cereal boxes all over the walls. I guess he's some kind of cornflake millionaire. Didn't know that either. Hmm.

The girl's beautiful sister is lying on the big soft couch in the living room, smiling, her head against my chest, elbow on my stomach. Very nice, everything I ever wanted. Little sister's reclining on the other end of the couch. "What now?" asks the beautiful girl. "Maybe I'll have a baby" says little sister, looking at her "like you did." That's another thing I didn't know. "My baby's sweet" says beautiful girl, purring. "My baby pays me."

I look over at little sister, her lovely face, breasts, sexy glasses, soft silky legs; irresistible. Go over and lie on top of her, kissing her warm sweet lips. Feels so good.