Krammer Abrahams isn't sure why he continues to waste his time.  It's obvious that he will never be famous and isn't talented enough to be anything more than a novice in either field, but every Sunday he wakes up and goes to Karate at nine and then heads over to the golf course for his noon tee time.

Grace Andreacchi is an American-born novelist, poet and playwright whose works include Give My Heart Ease (Permanent Press 1989) and Music for Glass Orchestra (Serpents Tail 1993).  Winner of the New American Writing Award, she holds a degree in philosophy, and lives in London, England.

Shannon Anthony lives in Minneapolis. Her short fiction has been published in elimae, The Hiss Quarterly, Menda City Review, MicroHorror and Tuesday Shorts. She is a submissions editor for the pulp fiction podcast Well Told Tales.

Eve Anthony Hanninen lives in British Columbia, Canada.  Her most recent works appear in Moondance, Sein und Werden (print), Wicked Alice, Origami Condom, Shit Creek Review, The Barefoot Muse, and The HyperTexts, as well as in Trim: Mannequin Envy Anthology.  She is also Editor of The Centrifugal Eye Online Poetry Journal.

J Brooke has been published over thirty times in such publications such as Clean Sheets, Girlphoria, Peacockblue, Bluefood, For the girls, Oystersandchocolate, Tasselsandtales, the eroticwoman, Ruthiesclub, etc, etc

Juliet Cook is a poet and the editor of Blood Pudding Press. A few of her newest publication credits are 'DIAGRAM', 'blossombones', 'little red leaves', and 'Prick of the Spindle'.  She is a Pushcart Prize nominee and has a poem representing in Sundress Publications Best of the Net 2007 Anthology.  Her latest chapbook, 'Planchette', is available now from Blood Pudding Press at

Ginnetta Correli is the author of a soon to be released novel called the Lost Episodes of Beatie Scareli. You can find out what it's about here Some of Ginnetta's writing will also be published soon on Diet Soap and Ink Sweat and Tears. She lives near Las Vegas and works on the Strip.

Mikael Covey lives in Dakota with his four-year old girl. His writing has appeared in Storyglossia, Dogmatika, Outsider Writers, Straight From the Fridge, Word Riot, The Beat, 3:AM Magazine, and elsewhere. Mikael is currently working on a couple of novels. His blogs are here and here

Sioux Donnem lives in Little Rock, Arkansas and was recently kicked out of the creative writing program of a major university. He sometimes thinks, "When I pulled away it was still there, as if I had done nothing.  And so I reached out and touched it, and I rolled it in my fingers and pressed it and stroked it and pinched it.  Still there.  And I thought, I cannot hold onto this moment."

Phil Doran is a performance poet, English teacher and writer who has been a stand-up comedian, administrator of the chronically sick and disabled persons act, yoghurt maker, home loans repayment officer, busker, co-editor of Tenerife Holiday Magazine, fireplace salesman, delivery driver, traffic counter, envelope stuffer, electoral register officer, proof reader, homeless persons unit advisor, barman, street trader, bingo caller, Crown Prosecution Service photocopier, waiter, quiz night organiser, unemployed claimant and Chupa Chupa Lollipops ninja figure.

I. Fontana has lived in Avignon, France and New York City; currently resides in Portland, Oregon. Other work by Fontana has appeared in Between C&D, BOMB, and is forthcoming in Lamination Colony and Pindeldyboz. A novel, THE GLORIOUS PALACE OF OUR ANCESTORS, should be completed this spring.

Laura Forgie is an art student at the University of Northern Iowa.

Nicholas Alexander Hayes is an editor at Ignavia His creative and critical work has appeared in various journals including 5_trope, Word Riot, Eleven Eleven, Suspect Thoughts, Velvet Mafia, queerPhilosophy, PopMatters and Saatchi Online's Daily Magazine.

Todd Heldt has published poetry and prose in dozens of journals, including Birmingham Poetry Review, Borderlands, Chattahoochee Review, Sycamore Review and Laurel Review.  His first full-length collection of poetry, Card Tricks for the Starving, is forthcoming from Ghost Road Press in October 2009.  He works as a librarian in Chicago and loves everything.

Donora Hillard is the author of Bone Cages (BlazeVox [books], 2007) and Parapherna (dancing girl press, 2006).  Her lyric memoir and poetry have appeared in Pebble Lake Review, The Pedestal Magazine, Sawbuck, and many others.  She has been an instructor of writing at King's College and presently teaches at Harrisburg Area Community College.

A.J Kirby spends too much time writing when he should be doing his day job. He is a published writer of short fiction, with his writing appearing in a number of small press anthologies on both sides of the Atlantic (including Fast Food, Slow Deaths by Graveside Tales, and Texts' Bones by Skrev Press) in magazines (pending publication in January 2009 in Champagne Shivers) and as features on local radio arts programmes. He was runner-up in the 2008 Huddersfield Literature Festival Creative Writing competition and is currently looking for a publisher for his novel, When Elephants Walk Through the Gorbals. Andy lives in Leeds with his girlfriend Heidi. We've checked US and UK phone books and as far as we know, Heidi is one of only two Heidi Nalls in the world. For more information about everything apart from the rarity of Heidi Nalls, please visit Andy's website

Marc Lowe, a frequent contributer to Sein, holds a Master's degree in Japanese Literature and is enamored - nay obsessed - with international avant-garde literature, art and film.  Recent and forthcoming publications include 5_trope, 1,001 Nights Cast project (Australia), Big Bridge, and Caketrain.  Marc is an Associate Editor for Mad Hatters' Review, where his fiction and book reviews have appeared.  Please visit him at his website for more information.

David McLean has just over 400 poems in or accepted by 182 publications in print or online since December 2006. Details are in his blog at He has a chapbook "a hunger for mourning" by erbacce-press on sale at Lulu @ , an electronic chapbook forthcoming with Why vandalism? on 15/3/2008, and a full length book with Whistling Shade Press in April or May 2008, "Cadaver's Dance."

Michael Murray thinks that listening to Portishead is an excellent way of passing an afternoon - does not believe in the third person, or biographies - but then Michael Murray is only a fabrication after all. So that's a relief.

Sherry Musick is an artist and teacher working out of Kansas City, MO. Musick works in a variety of media with an eclectic assortment of subject matter. Her artistic vision is for the slightly odd and somewhat unusual. For more information, please visit and or email her at

Dave Oprava lives in Wales. He writes. Sometimes he gets published. It is the thrill of the chase, not the kill. He has a wife. He has 2 kids. They are crazy. They drive him crazy. Ergo, he writes.

Zeben Perhaps is a traveling artist and poet, born in fairfield california and raised in Gresham ORegon, Zeben writes a zine Called The orchestra of machines, along with many others. He has some of his writing and paintings on-line @

Joseph Reich is a social worker who works out in the state of Massachusetts; A displaced New Yorker who sincerely does miss diss-place, most of all the Thai Food, Shanghai Joe's in Chinatown, the fresh smoothies on Houston Street, and bagels and bialy's of The Lower East Side. He has a wife and handsome little son with a nice mop of dirty-blonde hair, and when they all get a bit older, hope to take them back to play in the parks and playgrounds of New York. The literary journals in which his poems have appeared include, "Poesy," "Bareback," "Grafitti Rag," "Main Street Rag," "Rogue's Scholar", "Sein Und Werden," and "The American Drivel Review."

Peter Schwartz is a painter, poet and writer. He's also an associate art editor for Mad Hatters' Review. His artwork can be seen all over the Internet but specifically at LINK He's had hundreds of paintings, poems, and stories published both online and in print and is constantly submitting new work as if his very life depended on it. His last show was at the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in Chelsea NYC.

J. Sloane does not like to give up too much about himself.  He does tend to draw inspiration from various forms of smut.  .jpegs can be emailed to

Willie Smith is deeply ashamed of being human. His work  celebrates this horror. He is reasonably clean, fairly sober, does not have a driver's license and has never in his life owned a carn a gun or a television. His novel OEDIPUS CADET is available through m. The chef recommends "Spider Fuck," free of charge, archived in issue #9

Nicole Votta likes spun sugar, cats, and the Cure - not necessarily in that order.

Joshua Walker loves everything surreal, and he works on a PhD in Russian Literature when he isn't enjoying coffee in his local department store.  Check out his other work up at Contrary, Underground Voices, and Thieves Jargon.  You can also follow this handy link: