John Brewer is a UK artist working in early photographic processes. He has had work published in several national and regional publications and has represented an award winning theatre company. He is particularly interested in, and influenced by, the Dada and Surrealism movements. His website is

Brian Collier scrapes a living from the red-clay of the southern United States where he enjoys Kentucky Bourbon and carries on an intimate relationship with Melville Dewey's decimal classification system. According to his great-grandmother, Brian has been telling stories since he could talk. Of course to her telling stories was a euphemism for lying, but isn't that what fiction is, a really good lie?

Juliet Cook adores poetry.  Recent poetic projects include 'The Laura Poems', a series of ten titillating poems about Laura Palmer, hand-designed into limited edition, ribbon-bound chapbooks and available for sale via Recent publication credits include 'Wicked Alice', 'Venereal Kittens', and 'POTION'.  Cook's personal blog, CandyDishDoom is at and she also contributes to the group literary/art blog, taking the brim__ took the broom. Her poetry manuscript 'Horrific Confection' is currently seeking publication.

Jeff Crouch is an amateur artist in Grand Prairie, Texas. He plays at art as though it were a game of hide and go seek and has been published in numerous ezines.

Jodie Daber is a twenty-six year old part-time secretary who lives in the North of England.

Phil Doran, Liverpool born, now living in Cambridge, is a veteran of stand-up comedy in the 1990's. Highlights include appearances at the Comedy Store, Jongleurs and Edinburgh Fringe. Phil has shared the bill with Mark Lamarr, Harry Hill, Peter Kay, Jo Caufield & Eddie Izzard and supported John Cooper Clarke at the Birmingham Literary Festival. Nowadays he concentrates on teaching English and (humorous) poetry/spoken word and more reflective/serious (but still comedic) work focusing on social surrealism and political (meta)fiction. His poetry pamphlets include: Foul-Mouthed Diatribe, Sex & Drugs & Uncle Frank, and Magic Mushroom Chilli Con Carne. The President's Brains is included in Spaghetti Fiction (2007), a new collection of 60+ short stories. All enquiries to

Rick Werner Fahr lives in Seattle, Washington with and near a lot of dead clowns. Despite the fact he is sometimes as dead as the dead clowns he lives with and near, he still occasionally publishes things on the web.

Simon Friel is a Mancunian, living in El Raval, Barcelona. His work has appeared in numerous journals and online magazines, including Cherry Bleeds, Dogmatika and Sage of Consciousness.

Joseph Goosey's work is not in the Harvard Review. Some recent poetry or prose can be seen or will be seen in "34thParallel", "Mud Luscious", "Neon", "Remark", "Locust", "ESC!", "Denver Syntax", and he believes a few others. He lives around Jacksonville, Florida where he has 2 white cats and loves a red head.

Mark Harding lives in Edinburgh. He is a member of the Glasgow Science Fiction Writers' Circle. LINK

Mr. Michael Lee Johnson lives in Chicago, IL after spending 10 years in Edmonton, Alberta Canada during the Viet Nam era. He is a freelance writer and poet. Published in USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Scotland, Fuji, Nigeria Africa, India, United Kingdom. Michael Lee Johnson's 1st chapbook of poems and his first paperback of poems are available for purchase at: The Lost American: From Exile to Freedom is available at iUniverse Publishers (ISBN # 0-595-46091-7):

Mark Howard Jones lives in Cardiff and has had stories published in magazines, websites and anthologies on both sides of the Atlantic. His new novella 'The Garden Of Doubt On The Island Of Shdows" is available from ISMs Press.

Ken Klinger resides on the outskirts New York City and in France, too, which is where the Bronte novel "Villette" he's reading is set.  His other pastimes include listening to bebop and watching silent movies. He also consumes low-fat frozen yogurt to lift his spirits. (A newsstand magazine he'd been working and writing for just bit the dust.)

Jason Lee is the author of five collections of poetry, including Lost Pasports and God's Potato Peeler. He is also the author of three academic monographs, including The Metaphysics of Mass Art (New York: Mellen, 1999) and Pervasive Perversion- Child Sexual Abuse in Media/Culture (London: Free Association Books, 2005). His work on film has been translated into five languages and he won the 2005 Salisbury Poetry Prize.

Marc Lowe is an at-times reclusive nomad who has recently returned to the U.S. after two years of living and teaching in Japan.  His fictions, hybrids, and essays can be read in various online journals,including:  The Angler, elimae, Internet Fiction, Mindfire Renewed (featured experimental writer, winter '06), Opium Magazine, Pindeldyboz, Pinstripe Fedora (forthcoming), and Thieves Jargon. Workis also slated to appear in two innovative fiction print anthologies, as well as in Monkey Bicycle Issue #5 (all-humor issue).  Marc is a fiction/whatnot editor for the online multimedia magazine Mad Hatters' Review.  Visit his website at for more information.

Adrian Ludens works as a book store staff trainer weekdays and as a radio announcer on weekends. His short fiction has appeared in a number of small press publications.  He lives in the Black Hills of South Dakota with his lovely wife and three kids.  Late at night, when everyone else is asleep, Adrian sneaks to his computer to write stories like this one.

David Mclean has lived in sweden since 1987 and has worked there in a variety of jobs, studying philosophy to an MA in 1999. He has one child, born in brixton in 1986 and she is also resident in sweden. His favourite philosopher is (usually) sartre and his favourite poet is (usually) anne sexton.

S. Musick is an artist and teacher working out of Kansas City, MO.  Musick works in a variety of media with an eclectic assortment of subject matter. Her artistic vision is for the slightly odd and somewhat unusual. For more information, please visit and

Louise Norlie's fiction and nonfiction pieces have appeared in numerous magazines, including the angler, The First Line, edifice WRECKED, elimae, insolent rudder, r u m b l e, and Raging Face. Her work is also forthcoming in Right Hand Pointing and Mount Zion Speculative Fiction Review. See her writing log at for links to her work online and updates on future publications.

Grant Perry's publication credits include Snow Monkey, Pindeldyboz,  Duck & Herring, FRiGG, Thieves Jargon, The Quiet Feather and Transmission, amongst others.  Extracts of the novel he will never finish have appeared in "The Orphan Leaf Review".  He lives in South London.

Nelly Sanchez is 33 years old and actually works as a French teacher in Languedoc-Roussillon (south of France) . She graduated a Ph. D dealing with 19th French women writers (Rachilde, Georges de Peyrebrune, Marcelle Tinayre, etc…). She now has been making collages for two years. By mixing all kinds of materials, like papers, sewing thread, staples, beads, gouaches and so on, she creates a mainly symbolic universe. Her usual themes are human relationships, dreams and emotions…Most of her artworks can be seen on in the « photos » section

Peter Schwartz is the editor of 'eye' and the associate art editor of Mad Hatters' Review. His artwork can be seen all over the Internet but specifically at:  He has over 200 poems published in such journals as Porcupine, Vox, and Sein und Werden. Currently he is working on paintings for an exhibit at the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in Chelsea NYC.

Willie Smith is deeply ashamed of being human. His work  celebrates this horror. He is reasonably clean, fairly sober, does not have a driver's license and has never in his life owned a carn a gun or a television. His novel OEDIPUS CADET is available through m. The chef recommends "Spider Fuck," free of charge, archived in issue #9 at

J.E. Stanley is an accountant and part-time guitarist from the grayscale suburban wilderness of Northeast Ohio and a member of the_deep cleveland_tribe of poetry. In addition to previous issues of Sein und Werden, his work has appeared in numerous publications including the chapbook Dissonance (deep cleveland press), the short collection Ink (Gypsy Lips Press) and the forthcoming book Dark Intervals (vanZeno Press).

J.A. Tyler has recent publications in Underground Voices, Arabesques, The Furnace Review, and AntiMuse with forthcoming work in Kid Rocket, DiddleDog, and Idlewheel. Chapters from his recently completed novella Nobody are available at Blue Print Review, Cezanne's Carrot, Artistry of Life, Sage of Consciousness, and Poor Mojo's Almanac(k). He lives in Colorado with his wife and one-year-old son.

Peter Tennant is book reviewer for Black Static, proofreader for Interzone (both published by TTA Press - and non-fiction editor for Whispers of Wickedness ( "Nine Dreams" (in the print issue) could be his 200th published story, or maybe not. More info at

Christopher Woods is the author of UNDER A RIVERBED SKY, prose poems and brief fictions from PANTHER CREEK PRESS, and HEART SPEAK, a collection of stage monologues from STONE RIVER PRESS. He lives in Houston and in Chappell Hill, Texas.