Various Clowns I (A-C) - Marc Lowe
Fiftytwo Dodge Pickup - Willie Smith
Mortal Beloved - Ken Klinger
Fairy Tales, With Clowns - Peter Tennant
Blasphemy - Louise Norlie
Blow Up - Jason Lee
Penny Whistle - Rachel Kendall
He Twisted Balloons in the Shapes of Animals
        - J A Tyler
Woody - S Musick
Squirter - Rick Werner Fahr
And After the Performance - Jason Lee

RUN AWAY! - Rachel Kendall
Darkness on the Edge of Clown - Mark Howard Jones
The Morality of Clowns - Jodie Daber
Various Clowns II (D-F) - Marc Lowe
The Spindled Girls - Juliet Cook
Leroy and His Love Affair - Michael Lee Johnson
Ghosts - John Brewer
ghosts' stories - Simon Friel
Lost Time - Mark Howard Jones
Do (a) Little Haunting - Adrian Ludens
Yuki-Onna - J E Stanley
Mort d'un Amour/Death of a Love - Nelly Sanchez
a ghost called faith - peter schwartz
Ghost - David McLean
Advertisement for Montauk Etherphone circa 1894
        - Brian Collier
A Lover's Touch - M A Harding
Eye am Dead to You - S Musick
Dancing Without Music - Grant Perry
Ladies, Waiting - Rachel Kendall
Propulsion - Juliet Cook
Untitled - Rachel Kendall
Transmutation - Jeff Crouch & Christopher Woods
Death of a Writer and the Birth of Something Better
        - Joseph Goosey
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