- Where are we going to get another stream as reliable as this one? If the hackers tap into the real feed, then the game's up Cale. Those goddam desk jockeys at the State Department couldn't...

If you'll allow me to break up the flow of FBI cliche here, sir, I might be.....- Cliche, of course. What a great idea! You got 48 hours to do whatever hairbrained maverick scheme you haven't gotten around to tell me about yet, because I'm just too busy to hear it. And since I haven't heard it, my plausible deniability shall be all the more plausible. Well done Cale. Get on it Agent.

Cale wished he hadn't been so facetious. Who said they don't do irony in Washington? Two days of doing what exactly? Secret Service nano-forensics are gonna have so wiped our tranvestite surrogate's identity clean, it'd be easier to invent a whole new one. Not a bad idea. Time to upload some eDubya feeds into his VR sequencer and catch some zzz's...

She was still half-asleep when I touched her. Granpappy Walker did the right thing. No robot's gonna tell me which button I can or cannot press. BOOM! I placed her limp wrist over little Dubya, but she stayed inert. The Japanese bat bomb idea. I'm lovin' it. A million kamikaze bats. Which country's capital city is Vienna? It is not a Jihad ; it's a crusade. Russians were the bigger threat than the Germans. Environmentalism is a crazy belief system. Sitting on the bottom of the stairs totally ripped. Each with a small explosive device strapped to 'em. After the war we worked well together in Bolivia. She spurned my love. Course we were always going to go along with the atomic deterrent. Nazis gave us a ready made spy network to penetrate the Soviets. Scared the shit out of her and woke her up. Stalin totally flipped out as per the plan.That no good phoney Pete Puma. First time I met Lyndsay I was too. That's the trouble with carrots : they're only good once. Create the illusion of the Liberal hedgemoney. She was half-asleep when I PREDICTIVE SEQUENCE... I met Sheena when I was 18 I'd had two purple blott...

WARNING: Please be aware that the quality of information found on the President's Brain is likely to vary.

Cale woke up cursing.

- Goddam predictive censor scan' s gone viral again. While he waited for another feed to upload and for another Nullanol to kick in, he sat up and read Coops confidential memo:

The Three Implausible Laws Of Political Football

1. At least until you find out who the hell let the feline outta the bag, never admit a thing.

2. Despite its increasing implausibility, sustain the denial. At the very last make a partial and inaccurate disclosure of limited and/or indirect culpability. Still deny everything when pressed.

3. After a senate hearing or enquiry has been set up, spill the beans - one pulse at a time, until the can's as clean as a choirboy's conscience.

[Emergency exit - if all else fails, blame the intelligence.]

That's where the final showdown's going to be. On online 24/7. The sins of gluttony and wrath. Judeo-Christianity and our Hindu friends are lined up against The Islamic Fascists and their Buddhist conspirators. Get real close to what's on the President's mind! The bats were to fly individually into each Jap house and blow themselves up. Darwinist Liberalism is a faith not a science. BOOM! Venice? Went upstairs and made Lyndsay take it. It's their inbuilt radar. Cleared the pitch for Carlyle and the Bin Ladens. Our Third Reich slush fund. Godless Liberals. Aren't all fascists Islamicist now? Got the dough off our anti-semtex friends. I only hit her once or twice. Jihadist terror is a good line. Arriba arriba, andale andale. Come on wake up and give it up. Cocaine coup. Like flying rodents. The money line runs against the War on Terror, Papi says. Destroying Babylon and protecting Zion. Lyndsey was a bottle blonde. Don't give me all that reincarnation pacificist hippy grass smoking crap. Temperance and fortitude are my cardinal virtues. Klaus Barbie. Praise The Lord. I taught I thaw a putty tat. Rats! What does Papi mean?

Cale drifted away into a deep sleep. In the morning he dreamed a dream he was to remember for the first time in a long while. He spent the afternoon in the Guggenheim. Next day, he told Cooperman the President was no longer a crossdresser.

His boss said nothing about Cale's mouthrat. He'd only deny it for now anyway.