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In Absurdia by Glenn Whalan - N A Jackson

The Plot Against Heaven by Mark Kirkbride - Gary Budgen

The Suicide Machine by Douglas Thompson - N A Jackson

Amorphous Organics by Nicholas Alexander Hayes - Alan Gold

A Column of Cloud and a Column of Fire: Dmitris Lyacos' Poena Damni -  Robert Zaller

The Dregs Trilogy by Chris Kelso - Rachel Kendall

With the People from the Bridge by Dimitris Lyacos - Toti O'Brien

What if I Got Down on My Knees? by Tony Rauch - Kate Onyett

Mutant Neuron Codex Swarm by Juliet Cook and Robert Cole - A J Huffman

The Bees by Laline Paull - Phillip Clement

Volwys and Other Stories by Douglas Thompson - Martin Rose

Another Blood Jet by A J Huffman - Madeleine Walton

The Monster's Wife by Kate Horsley - Rachel Kendall

Un-Sight/Un-Sound (delirium X.) by M - Chris Brownsword

Red Demolition by Juliet Cook - A J Huffman

Cured Meat by Polly Trope - Christopher Brownsword

House on Fire by Susan Yount - A J Huffman

They Talk About Death by Alessandra Bava - A J Huffman

Stick Up by Paul David Adkins - A J Huffman

The Brahan Seer: The Story of Scotland's Nostradamus by Douglas Thompson - Phillip Clement

The Sky Needs More Work by Corey Mesler - A J Huffman

Any Other Mouth by Anneliese Mackintosh - Rachel Kendall

Veins and Skulls by Daniele Serra - Rachel Kendall

Rustblind and Silverbright ed. David Rix - Nick Jackson

Sweet Home by Carys Bray - Rachel Kendall

Hysteria by Stephanie M Wytovich - Sally Deskins

Petrarchan by Kristina Marie Darling - Jodie Daber

Nothing Man by Marc Lowe - Nick Jackson

The Ravenous Audience by Kate Durbin - Rachel Kendall

From Wahnsinnig to the Loony Bin: German and Russian stories transposed to modern-day America  ed. Henry Whittlesey - Kane X Faucher

Tallest Stories by Rhys Hughes - Kate Onyett

A Death in Mexico by Jonathan Woods - Rachel Kendall

Entanglement by Douglas Thompson - Mat Joiner

Enough by Valerie O'Riordan - Jodie Daber

The Body is a Little Guilded Cage by Kristina Marie Darling - Adele C Geraghty

Drawing Dead by JJ DeCeglie - Kate Onyett

Sane Asylum by Shelley Altamont - Kate Onyett

Letters from Room 27 of the Grand Midway Hotel by Margaret Bashaar - Rachel Kendall

Apoidea by Douglas Thompson - Christopher Morris

Thirteen Designer Vaginas by Juliet Cook - Rachel Kendall

Broken Symmetries by Steve Redwood - Rachel Kendall

Short Tails by Yuriy Tarnawsky - Marc Lowe

The Horror Anthology of Horror Anthologies, ed. by D F Lewis - Nick Jackson

31 by Calum Kerr - Sheri White

They Had Goat Heads by D. Harlan Wilson - Kate Onyett

The Day We Delay by Michael J. Seidlinger - Kane X Faucher

Dark Paradise by Rosa Liksom - Marc Lowe

Sunshine in the Valley by Kyle Muntz - Kane X Faucher

Theatre of Incest: a novel by Alain Arias-Misson - Marc Lowe

Giraffes in Hiding by Carol Novack - Julie Ann Weinstein

Forked Tongue by Craig Sernotti - David McLean

Celluloid Cowboy by Scott C Rogers - Rachel Kendall

Spaghetti Fiction Too by Phil Doran - Rachel Kendall

Dead End Road by Richard Wink - Stu Hatton

Mostly Monochrome Stories by John Travis - Steve Jensen

The Exaggerated Man by Terry Grimwood - Rachel Kendall

Scarabocchio by Grace Andreacchi - V Ulea

Pushing Lemmings by David McLean - Rachel Kendall

And, In Conclusion, I would also like to mention Hydrogen by William Bamberger - A J Kirby

Snail by V. Ulea - Kyle Munz

Against the Wall by Mark Howard Jones - Christopher Morris

Breather by Bruce Dethlefsen - Charles P Ries

Tines by Russell Bittner - B Drew Collier