Nouveau Riche

Bread makers.

Wine tasters.

They talk in circles
About periodontal disease:

                                              "The roots of my teeth
                                               grew into my brainstem."

They squeal about white-crazed hygienists;
How they bind them in recliners
Designed by Boeing and Lockheed,
Pry open their mouths
With powdered latex fingers:

                                             "How many
                                               can he fit in yours?"


                                             "I could feel his pick
                                               against my back teeth."

"Suck on this.
Now, spit."

The closest thing to pornography
since the honeymoon ended.

No wisdom in their teeth,
but they sure do have pretty mouths.

Brian Collier
'Faceless Statue' by Jenny Sadre-Orafai
'Fanciful' by Juliet Cook
a biting goth style soap
opera filled with fanciful yet
cynical stories