Alena, autumn hair, well known among the fishing artels.
Receipts handed out for unwanted admiration. A stern glance turning staler
'til he arrived at the pier. The one that was known as the Petersburg slater
enters Vladivostok in a whirlwind of whispers. He alters
large strides approaching the fishing maiden. The woman a town's prize - estral,
subdued - catching his eye. Burly associates send alerts.

So the men, rugged and salt-ridden woo 'Siren' and call alerts
to the others unrequited. More unmarried hearts from the artels.
Alena weathers advances, with each her heart growing fetid. Still "Estral"
laughed and whispered from hopeful courters and old hags looking staler.
Ears drooping, whistling teeth. Haggard features once the centrepiece on alters,
romances forged or faked with their own, but no slater.

Sawdust scents about the crops, they smelt the Slater.
Lulled by the unknown Alena drops - not falls. He alerts
all manner of senses, alters
the heart of the maiden of the artels.
Escape formed in her mind as he rescued a soul growing Staler.
Rescued a Russian heart. Lit flames that burnt estral.

Alena glowed as blood pumped with renewed energy, fuelled estral
longing that arrived like him - an unassuming strength - the Slater.
They gathered closer as weather and crops turned staler.
Earnestly Alena spills the heart he had been filling with alerts.
Requited love, a rarity in the artels.
Scandal perhaps, but when each neighbours face is so defined, everything alters.

Evenings when it seems colder than is possible, when he alters
Such things as her heat and body and skin she grows estral.
Touch and release. Touch and release, a rough Petersburg hand in the Artels.
Roaring - she had whimpered on the first night - love for the slater.
Again melting snow. Then came the first shouted alerts:
Love! She cried at first scared, uncertain. Then sure it would not dull staler.

At such pitch she yelled, waking those hearts turning staler.
Laughing at first: Alena and Peter? Jealousy dressed up as disbelief alters
Everything. She had done the undoable. They sounded alerts.
Regret left to those who thought she should know better. Alena. Estral
Thinly veiling an experience from small town people and talk. Petersburg Slater!
Scandal!  Alena! They became little more than their shouted names atop artels.

Tarred and feathered reputations as alerts turn reception staler.
Alena was a woman - is a women, that alters hearts still in the artels.
Raucously, privately, a halfway hag dreams estral of her own Petersburg Slater.

The Constraints