Stalin welcomes insurgents. Our undivided attention ensures discipline of uninformed masses.
Rebels, dissidents, non-humans are here in Vorkuta Gulag at Derevyanko's
(1) insistence.
Obsequious guards and ever-diligent officers dutifully maintain the dispensing of punishment.
All new prisoners to undress and get in your quarters.
Assign beds.
Lice, roaches crushed.
Talking verboten.
Into your uniforms.
Shave heads.
Inmates outside.
Gulag labour entails mining coal. Understanding and engaging in work suggests allegiance, devotion, fidelity to Russia.
All men yield to numbers; all ex-citizens now under arrest.
Eventually in most fundamental areas the issue of unity and empathy is forsaken.
Gulag armed resistance is forever futile. Live Mother Russia!


(1) Vorkuta Gulag operated as a prison camp from 1932 to 1962. Derevyanko was the camp chief.

The Constraints