by Simon Lee-Price continued...
Hit Return

When you return. Many happy returns. We prayed for your safe return. Return from Witch Mountain. Return of the natives. Return of the vagabond. Return of the repressed. Eternal return.

Return of the afflicted.

To return to what I said. The Batman returns. Superman returns. The mummy returns. The return of the Jedi, the Dragon, the Pink Panther, the Living Dead. Return and restitution.

Return of the hits

To return to your last point . . . Back to sender. Return ticket. Return ticket. Back to your old ways. Back to the way things were. Back to nature. Return to the womb.

Return to the blow.

Back to work. Return to routine. Return to profit. Return to return on investment. Return to normality. Return to the King.

Return of the hits.

She returns his gaze, his smile, his kisses, the ring he has given her. . .

Strike back

Return the favor. Return the fire.

Return the hit.

I returned and found . . . The point of no return. The River of No Return. On my return . . . You shall return to dust. In return, I shall return. Return to the land of the living. Return what I owe you. Return what I have stolen. Return what I have served. Give back the leg. Give it back. Return it.

Le retour à la raison

Return one corner. Return to the top. Return down. Return over a new sheet. Return the shrew. Return of the screw. Return of the tide. Return and run. Return and run. Return of the coat. Returning.

Return beat. 

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