Fingers strangling the words which some refer to
Tongue licking the flesh which I sometimes think about
Always salty, even if the person is a peach
Not being able to recall the simplest detail
Unless looking at a photograph
Then everything is clear
Except for the taste
There is none
Fed up of wearing the same shoes.
They don't even fit me
but I just keep on walking.

I'm fed up of standing in queues,
And people don't move
they just keep talking.

Round and round
I tear at my hair
All these dead end things
They drive me to care.

Fed up of looking the same girl.
I cut my hair
But it just keeps growing.

Fed up of finding a smashed pearl.
I save my money
but it just keeps going.

Round and round
I tear at my hair.
All these dead end things
They drive me to care.
Let's push down the barriers
and change the routine.
Don't lead a dead end life
If you have a dream.
Kamey Jade McNamara
Dead End Things
Kim Heniadis
In the moment before death there is no heat
The heat of the moment has long passed
What is there is cold and distant
Wiping calamity from yourself is no longer an option
But the hands that will gather you are warm with
Wiped to be able to pray that they won't be next
Cat's eye by C Douillette