W. C. Bamberger's 2011 publications include the chapbook Two Draft Essays from 1918, by Gershom Scholem (an excerpt from these translations appeared on Sein und Werden's disc edition in 2009). A Llull in the Compass: A Science Fiction Novel also appeared in 2011. "The Quills of Henry Thomas," a science fiction story written with his daughter Aja, recently appeared in the Borgo Press anthology Yondering. He hopes to complete his translation of The Man with the Black Wart late in 2012.

Russell Bittner'
s work has been widely published in print and on the 'Net.  His first novel, Trompe-l'oeil, appeared at both Amazon-Kindle and Smashwords this past March, as did his two collections of short stories and one novella (in each):  Stories in the Key of C. Minor. and The Dead Don't Bitch. His memoir, Girl from Baku - previously published by the very gracious and (even in motherhood) desirable  Rachel Kendall via ISMs Press - also appeared at both Amazon and Smashwords in the same merry month of March, 2011. He believes, with Hobbes, that "life is short, brutish and nasty."  He also believes, with Donne, however, that art is long; and that no man is one, entire of itself - either an island or a work of art. And so, his new working motto is:  "Publish while ye can; for tomorrow, your little piece of the Continent may indeed become an island.  Set adrift.  In a sea of anonymity and noise."

Redhead Romietta, Southpaw Hercules and Bubbles the Belly Dancer keep Columbi Bueno company as she writes dark fiction and watches haunted movies. Stories to follow at http://columbibueno.wordpress.com

B Drew Collier
has never trusted skyscrapers (snooty concrete cartons infested with attorneys and stock brokers) and prefers the company of libraries and fire stations.

Adele C. Geraghty
, author and illustrator, was born in Brooklyn, New York and now resides in the United Kingdom.  She is the recipient of the US National Women's History Award for Women's Poetry and Essay and author of 'Skywriting in the Minor Key: women, words, wings'.  Her work has been radio broadcast in both the US and the UK.  Her current work in progress is 'Nine Ladies Dancing', a collection of short stories and 'Searching for Jennie Harbour', a biography.

Richard Gessner's fiction has been published in Air Fish, Rampike, Another Chicago Magazine, 580 Split, The Pannus Index, Ice River, Flesh & Blood, Happy, The Act, Coe Review, Furious Fictions, Oink!, Mallife. A collection, "Excerpts from the diary of a neanderthal dilettante & the man in the couch" is published by Bomb Shelter Props. Richard Gessner recently produced a DVD collection "The Conduit and other Visionary Sardonic Tales of Morphing Ludic Whimsy". Gessner's paintings & drawings have been exhibited at Pleiades Gallery, Cry Baby Gallery, The Court Gallery, Studio Montclair Inc, Zabbazu & published in Raw Vision 14 www.gessnersgallery.com

Zachary Scott Hamilton is the author of fourteen zines, including Temple of Sinew, The Orchestra of Machines, Wallet of Hexagons and HAIR LAND (named Zine of the month by the Independent Publishing Resource Center). His work appears in varies magazines including: Ignavia Press (issue 4.1),
Otiliths (a journal of many e-things), Sein und Werden and Karawane magazine. He recently went on tour with the band Holy! Holy! Holy! And installed artwork with partner Molly Pettit for a photo series, which appears online at his website
http://blackmonsterzine.weebly.com/ His book, The Teacup of Infinity will be released in February of 2012 by The Black magic LSD sex cult. Contact: www.zachabstract.blogspot.com

Rhys Hughes had been a published author for nearly twenty years. His work has been translated into 10 languages. His latest book, The Brothel Creeper, is a collection of stories themed around sexual and spiritual tension and he regards it as his best so far. You can find his blog at: http://rhysaurus.blogspot.com. His latest ebook, The Tellmenow Isitsöornot, which features exactly 100 stories, is now available for download from Smashwords. It can also be bought (or sampled) here: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/88734

Beau Johnson lives in Canada with his understanding wife.  She allows him to write even though they have three young monsters who keep them on the go.  His work has appeared in Diagonal Proof, the Kitchen and Carnage Conservatory.  Upcoming titles include Bartleby Snopes, Underground Voices, Thunderdome and 6tales.

Mark Howard Jones has had dozens of short stories published on both sides of the Atlantic. His ISMs Press novella 'The Garden Of Doubt On The Island Of Shadows' drew praise from Ray Bradbury, among others. His collection 'Songs From Spider Street' is available now from screamingdreams.com. He lives in Cardiff.

Chandra Kavanagh is a freelance writer and student from St. John's Newfoundland and Labrador. She is attending the Memorial University of Newfoundland and expects to graduate in April 2012 with a B.A. in Philosophy and a diploma in applied mental health ethics. She has been published in Codgito student journal of Philosophy, Sein Und Werden magazine and has published a series of articles for the Community Sector Council NL. Her inspirations include questions of reality, human nature and identity as well as the people who ride the bus. Visit her website at chandrakavanagh.wordpress.com 

Jane Rosenberg LaForge is the author of two poetry chapbooks, "After Voices,'' from Burning River of Cleveland; and "Half-Life,'' from Big Table Publishing Co. of Boston. More poetry currently appears online at The Meadowland Review and Red Ochre Lit; more work is forthcoming from Poetry Bay, the
Edison Literary Review, and La Patasola Press Anthology of East Coast Women Poets.

Subashini Navaratnam lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and has poetry published in local zines and the Quarterly Literary Review Singapore. She blogs at http://disquietblog.wordpress.com/

Ken Poyner spent his first act publishing in the print magazines as, back then, there was no Internet.  Now, in the second act he has a definite preference for web based publishing.  New work is scheduled in the middle of 2011 for "Pank", "decomP", "A Clockwise Cat", "Fear of Monkeys", "Frigg" and elsewhere on the web, and in print from "The Pacific Review", "Blue Unicorn", and "Asimov's Science Fiction".  Figuring out how to do his first book in fifteen years is probably next.  He hopes to watch the wife set all the world raw power lifting records for her new age group and current weight class this summer as well.

Fabio Sassi
has had several experiences such as music (he used to play harp in a blues band), photography, writing. He has been a visual artist since 1990 making acrylics with the stencil technique on canvas, board, old vinyl records or other media. He uses logos, icons, tiny objects and shades to create weird perspectives. Many of his subjects are inspired by a paradox either real or imaginary and by the news. Often he thinks about new subjects while cycling! He lives in Bologna, Italy.

W L N Smith is a Manchester based Teessider who writes poetry and poetic narratives which he sees as sort of bulletins to no-one in-particular, but would hope that anyone, everyone (or even someone) would hear something singular in. He likes to write at turns emotively and sinisterly, to make mischief at times, and at others be consoling. This may be because he has a short attention span and low serotonin. He often aims to reach altered states through sleep deprived, caffeine stimulated typing sessions. He has been published once in a magazine called Wig and has just started reading at live venues, performing at Withington's Paradox and Matt and Phreds open mike.

Nicole Votta is an editor and writer who has logged a lot of very mundane bylines, and a few more satisfying ones. She likes consistent proofreading marks, semi-colons, her indolent habits, and psychedelic sci-fi/fantasy book covers from the '60s and '70s. She dislikes 9th chords, whisky served in Styrofoam cups, and frantic notes from people wondering what happened to their Oxford commas (although she likes Oxford commas).