Deadline for submissions 20th September

The word doppelganger comes from the German words Doppel - double, and gänger - goer, or walker. It's an idea that has been used to elicit fear and discomfiture in literature and film for decades, from Metropolis to Solaris, Fightclub to Mulholland Drive, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde to Stephen King's The Dark Half.

For Sein und Werden the tenth, I want to hear the melancholy chorus of your dual voices. I am after text and artwork that takes the doppelganger theme and exposes it to the Sein essence. To me, the term doppelganger can refer to a more ambiguous significance than simply a walking double. Don't look only at bilocation and dis-location, but take under your wing the fractured psyches, the push and pull of a split personality, foreboding spectres, lengthened shadows, shattered reflections... the dead and the living, the sane and the mad, the waking and the dreaming and the perceived non-reality of a parallel consciousness.
Issue The Tenth