"It's Time."
        A soft whisper, barely enough to form the words.  It doesn't feel like time though.  Of course, it hasn't felt like much of anything since I lost My Consciousness.
        "It's Time."
        I find things, or I used to until I lost My Consciousness.  No, I wasn't knocked out.  My Consciousness is gone.  Don't laugh; people lose all sorts of things.  I used to help them find them until I lost it.  I helped a guy find his penis once.  It was detachable see, and he lost it.  He was lost without it he said.

  Another guy lost his anus.  He wanted it back but it wasn't urgent because he had two.  The one he lost was his favorite though.  He said he mostly used it for intercourse.
        I find things - I mean I used to find things with My Consciousness.  It'd just spread it out and feel the lost item.  No, I'm not mad, or I wasn't until I lost My Consciousness.  My Consciousness.  I miss it.
        I couldn't help everybody find things though.  Many people would come to me but what they were looking for wasn't really lost.
        "Can you help me find my happiness?"
        "It's not lost."  I'd tell them, "It's just tarnished and dirty.  Probably under the couch."  Figuratively speaking of course.  Everybody knows you don't find happiness under the couch.
        There was a lady looking for ecstacy.  I helped her find that, but it had nothing to do with My Consciousness, if you know what I mean.
        Ah, there it is.  Funny, I thought it would look different.  Bigger and shinier.  I suppose laying out here in the storm gutter will diminish the polish a bit.
        My wife will be happy I found it.  She seems to like when I'm finding things.  I know I like it, I mean, I don't know about other people, but when I spread out My Consciousness I can feel everything.  I like to spread it out while I'm sitting in my Barca Lounger.  It's so comfortable that I don't get distracted.  Then I can concentrate and feel everything.
        Maybe it's vicarious, but it feels visceral to me.  When I want to, I can have a thousand different orgasms a day.  I know what a woman feels when her man makes her scream.  It's even better to feel the woman under my own tongue and in My Consciousness.  I think that's why my wife likes it so much.
        It's funny though, the guy with the lost penis, and the other fellow missing his anus?  They knew each other.
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