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The Founding and Manifesto of Futurism // F T Marinetti
Engine Cringing, Machine Wincing // Saul Hughes
Rise of the Planet of the Humans // Brad Liening
Tomorrow's Cake // Richard Godwin
Forbidden Things // David Fraser
Work // Andrew Abbott
Hermeneutics // Noel Sloboda
You Only Shoot The One You Love // Brent Powers
Libyan Desert, 1942 // Sheri L White
Road's Eye View // Asha Anderson
Dirty, Stinking, Singing, Hippie Gypsies // Elmore Snoody
Time & Money // Paul Hostovsky
Future Isn't // Allen Ashley
Deserted // Sheri L White
A Question // Tina Hyland
Illusion for the Web of Roads // Jason Sturner
Abraded Butterflies // Steve Toase
Jar #[8.] // Zachary Scott Hamilton
I've Been Building This Stupid Robot since 2008 // Andrew Abbott
Suicide Kids // Sam Sanders
The Sandbox // Allen Taylor
Lingering // Elena Botts
A Thousand Dooms // Geoffrey A Landis
Beginning or End of the Universe(s) // Martin Heavisides
Exile // Ursula Tillmann
One for Sorrow // Eleanor Leonora
Excavate the Caucasoid // A E Reiff
The Spam of Vegas-Roit // Richard Gessner

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