ISMs Press is an independent Manchester-based publisher of the art and literary zine Sein und Werden. In 2006 the novella 'The Garden of Doubt on the Island of Shadows' by Mark Howard Jones was published, followed by a period of quiet contemplation. But 2010 has seen a revival of ISMs Press and now we're in full swing to promote the best of the darkest, quirkiest, most surreal new writers in town.

Aswell as chapbooks ISMs Press have branched into e-publications, with the plan to publish at least two a year. Russell Bittner's memoir 'Girl from Baku' and Marc Lowe's short story collection '"Sui Generis" and Other Fictions' can be found below.

All ISMs Press e-books are free. However, due to the time and effort involved in their production and, of course, in their writing, we welcome a small contribution (may we suggest £1/$1/
1). It's very easy to do, just click on the donate button below.

Marc Lowe
"Sui Generis" and Other Fictions
Marc Lowe
A Tour of Beaujardin
(or, The Derelicts)
£3 / $4.50 (not inc. p+p)

Read an excerpt HERE

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Mark Howard Jones
The Garden of Doubt on the Island of Shadows
Russell Bittner
Girl from Baku
John Greiner
Shooting Side Glances
Now Available:
Tantra Bensko
The Cabinet of What you Don't See
£2.50 / $8.50 (inc. p+p)
FREE with the Wunderkammer issue of Sein und Werden

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